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USAS Coding Instructions

96B Security Profile

Centrally maintained using agency-defined information. The Security Profile (96B) screen is used to establish the function level security of USAS. This profile determines the level of screen access a user will have to each of the USAS screens. A profile record for the specified agency, user ID and user class must already exist on the Security Profile (96A) before the 96B can be updated.

Security for the update capability will only be issued to the Comptroller’s office staff. Agencies will have inquiry capabilities only.

Note: The value in the 082 field controls access to screens 8A through 8E. The value in the 034 field controls access to the 3A and 3N screens. The value in the 065 field controls access to the 46, 47, 49A, 49B and 56 screens. The value in the 062 field controls access to the 59 screen.

 LINK TO:                    SECURITY PROFILE                              PROD 
 ACTION:    (C=CHANGE, D=DELETE, N=NEXT, R=RECALL, U=UPDATE)                    
 AGENCY:     USER ID:           USER CLASS:     NAME:                           
 ACCESS:     (SEARCH BY: A = AGENCY  U = USER ID)                               
   DØ1    DØ2    DØ3    DØ4    DØ5    DØ6    DØ8    DØ9    D1Ø    D11    D12    
   D13    D14    D15    D16    D17    D18    D19    D2Ø    D21    D22    D23    
   D24    D25    D26    D27    D28    D29    D3Ø    D31    D32    D33    D34    
   D35    D36    D37    D38    D4Ø    D42    D44    D45    D46    D47    XXX    
   D48    D49    D51    XXX    D53    D54    D61    D62    D63    D64    D66    
   D71    D8Ø    D9Ø    D91    D93    D94    D95    D96    D97    D98    XXX    
   XXX    XXX    XXX    XXX    XXX    XXX    XXX    XXX    XXX    020    2ØB    
   022    024    025    026    027    28A    28B    28C    029    030    3ØB    
   031    033    33A    33B    034    035    036    037    038    039    041    
   XXX    044    045    057    058    061    062    063    064    065    066    
   067    068    069    071    072    073    074    075    076    077    078    
   079    080    081    082    083    084    085    086    088    XXX    090    
   091    092    093    XXX    095    096    097    XXX    XXX    XXX    XXX    
   515    519    540    550    XXX    XXX    XXX    XXX    XXX    XXX    XXX    
  EFF START DATE:            EFF END DATE:            LAST PROC DATE:           
 F1-HELP  F3-END  F4-INTERRUPT  F6-PROCESS  F7-SECURITY                         

ACTION (Required)
Enter the one-character action code.

A Add a new record
C Change an existing record*
D Delete an existing record*
N Next – Recall next record

Note: The USER ID and ACCESS are required fields for the next action to display information.

R Recall
U Update

*Note: Record must be recalled before this action can be performed.

AGENCY (Control key – Required)
Enter the three-digit agency number for the user’s agency that corresponds to the user’s record on the 96A.

USER ID (Control key – Required)
Enter the user ID (up to eight characters). USAS currently uses a seven-character user ID. The user ID is assigned by Comptroller’s office.

USER CLASS (Control key – Required)
Enter the two-digit user class that corresponds to the user’s record on the 96A.

NAME (System generated)
Displays the user name that corresponds to the user’s record on the 96A.

ACCESS (Required if using the recall or next functions)
Enter the one-character access for searching to determine how the system sorts records.

A Sort by agency
U Sort by user ID

Screen Access Level Options
For each of the screens listed on the 96B screen, enter the one-digit screen access level for the user ID and user class.

  Blank – No access (The user will not see the screen ID on the menu.)
0 Inquiry only
1 Inquiry, add and change
2 Inquiry, add, change and delete

Enter the eight-digit effective start date (MMDDYYYY), which identifies when the information established on the profile record becomes accessible for system processing. Leaving this field blank causes the vendor/payee number to become immediately available for system processing, and the effective start date defaults to the current date.

EFF END DATE (Optional)
Enter the eight-digit effective end date (MMDDYYYY), which identifies when the profile record is no longer accessible for system processing. Leaving this field blank causes the profile to have no effective end date; therefore, any system processing using the profile record will not be restricted by the effective end date.

LAST PROC DATE (System generated)
Displays the last process date. The system defaults to the last date (MMDDYYYY) that any online modification (add or change) was made to the profile record.

Function Key Definitions

F1 (Help) Automatically links to the News/Help Table (90) screen. Will transfer to the appropriate type of help depending upon the screen and activity the user is on at the time F1 is pressed.
F3 (End) Returns the screen to the menu associated with that screen.
F4 (Interrupt) Initiates or ends an active interrupt. When ending an active interrupt, F4 returns the user to the original screen showing the same information as was on the screen when the active interrupt was initiated. This does not undo the last action.
F6 (Process) Submits transaction data to the edit process. If the edit process is successful, an acceptance message is produced, and the profile record information is stored in the system. If the edit process is not successful, an error message(s) will result. Retains current information on the screen upon completion of processing.
F7 (Security) Automatically links to the Security Profile (96A). If a profile record has been recalled and is displayed on 96B screen when the F7 key is pressed, the agency number, user ID, user class and access will be carried over to the 96A screen.
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