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USAS Coding Instructions

90 News/Help Table

Centrally defined. The News/Help Table (90) screen displays news items posted by the Comptroller’s office and also provides online help information to users. The first page of the news items is displayed to the user upon logging in to USAS. Several different types of online help information are available to the user, including information relating to USAS screens, error codes and reports. The KEYWORD field on this screen is used to specify the type of help requested.

Help can be accessed either by directly linking to the help screen or by pressing the F1 key from another screen.

 LINK TO:                       NEWS/HELP TABLE                            PROD 
 ACTION:    (A=ADD, C=CHANGE, D=DELETE, N=NEXT, R=RECALL)                       
 KEYWORD:               PAGE:                                                   
                                                         STATUS CODE:           
  EFF START DATE:            EFF END DATE:            LAST PROC DATE:           

ACTION (Required)
Enter the one-character action code.

A Add a new record
C Change an existing record*
D Delete an existing record*
N Next – Recall next record
R Recall

*Note: Record must be recalled before this action can be performed.

KEYWORD (Control key – Required)
Enter the keyword (up to 12 alphanumeric characters). The following are the standard keyword formats.

Type of Help Keyword Format Description
News Screen NEWS Enter NEWS for system and user notices, such as system availability and USAS processing updates.
Error code XXX Enter the three character error code. For example, enter EJI in the KEYWORD field for a detailed explanation of the Doc Reqs Preapprl/DLT error.
Screen SXXX Enter the four-character screen ID shown in the top left corner of each USAS screen for an explanation of that screen. For example, enter SDØ2 for details on the Agency Profile (D02).
Report DAFRXXXX Enter the report ID. For example, enter DAFR746Ø for details on the Appropriation Activity Detail report.
Other Varies Other keywords may be used to store information and provide additional online help. For example, enter D53 to list the values in the Titles Profile (D53), or enter BT15 for a definition of balance type 15 Cash Expenditures.

PAGE (Control key – Optional)
Enter the two-digit page number.

STATUS CODE (Optional)
Enter the one-character status code.

A Active (Default)
I Inactive

Enter the eight-digit effective start date (MMDDYYYY), which identifies when the information established on the profile record becomes accessible for system processing. Leaving this field blank causes the vendor/payee number to become immediately available for system processing, and the effective start date defaults to the current date.

EFF END DATE (Optional)
Enter the eight-digit effective end date (MMDDYYYY), which identifies when the profile record is no longer accessible for system processing. Leaving this field blank causes the profile to have no effective end date; therefore, any system processing using the profile record will not be restricted by the effective end date.

LAST PROC DATE (System generated)
Displays the last process date. The system defaults to the last date (MMDDYYYY) that any online modification (add or change) was made to the profile record.

Function Key Definitions

F1 (Help) Automatically links to the News/Help Table (90) screen. Will transfer to the appropriate type of help depending upon the screen and activity the user is on at the time F1 is pressed.
F3 (End) Returns the screen to the menu associated with that screen.
F4 (Interrupt) Initiates or ends an active interrupt. When ending an active interrupt, F4 returns the user to the original screen showing the same information as was on the screen when the active interrupt was initiated. This does not undo the last action.
F6 (Process) Submits transaction data to the edit process. If the edit process is successful, an acceptance message is produced, and the profile record information is stored in the system. If the edit process is not successful, an error message(s) will result. Retains current information on the screen upon completion of processing.
F8 (Next) The F8 key on the 90 screen only functions for scrolling as it pertains to USAS error code help. The F8 function on the 90 screen is used to scroll forward through error messages displayed at the bottom of profile screens and transaction entry screens from which the error code help (F1) is initiated. Not currently in use.

Note: If N (for next) is entered in the ACTION field, the user will scroll to the next sequential error code in the USAS database.

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