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USAS Coding Instructions

20B Appropriation AFR T-code/COBJ Profile

Centrally defined. The Appropriation AFR T-code/COBJ Profile (20B) identifies the comptroller object to be used on the system generated annual financial report (AFR) transaction based on the original transaction code used during transaction processing. The generated AFR transaction will use the AFR T-code identified on the Transaction Code Decision Profile (28A) for the originating T-code. These transactions post the financial statement impact for appropriated fund 0001 budgetary activity.

 ACTION:    (C=CHANGE, N=NEXT, R=RECALL, U=UPDATE)                              
 AGY:     APPN YEAR:     APPN NO:                                               
   ORIG      GEN           ORIG      GEN           ORIG      GEN                
    TC       COBJ           TC       COBJ           TC       COBJ               
  EFF START DATE:            EFF END DATE:            LAST PROC DATE:           
 F1-HELP F3-END F4-INTERRUPT F6-PROCESS F9-20                                   

This screen is accessed during transaction processing when:

  • The originating transaction has a document type of A, B or Y;
  • The appropriated fund is 0001 General Revenue; and
  • The AFR T-code (AFRTC) field on the 28A screen for the originating T-code is filled.

If the above conditions are satisfied and the originating T-code is listed on the 20B screen, USAS will generate a transaction using the T-code in the AFRTC field on the 28A screen of the originating T-code and the comptroller object associated with the ORIG TC on the 20B screen. All other fields on the generated transaction will be the same as those on the originating transaction.

If the originating T-code is not listed on the 20B screen, an AFR transaction will be generated with the COBJ field blank, resulting in a reconciling item for the Financial Reporting section of the Comptroller’s office.

This profile is included in the annual USAS profile rollover. Profile rollover creates new profile records to be used in the next fiscal year (FY) and appropriation year (AY) based on existing profile records for the current FY and AY.

ACTION (Required)
Enter the one-character action code.

C Change an existing 20B record*
N Next – Recall next record

Note: The agency number is a required field for the next action to display information.

R Recall
U Update – Replaces stored record data with displayed data for a specified control key without requiring the user to recall the record to be updated first. This can facilitate duplicating a profile setup to other 20B profile records.

*Note: Record must be recalled before this action can be performed.

AGENCY (Control key – Required)
Enter the three-digit agency number assigned to the agency.

APPN YEAR (Control key — Required)
Enter the two-digit appropriation year that relates to the program code to be entered. The appropriation year is the year for which funds are appropriated by the Legislature for setting up budgets, depositing money and paying obligations.

APPN NO (Control key – required)
Enter the five-digit centrally defined appropriation number. An appropriation is the legislative authorization to spend an amount of money for a purpose.

Note: The title of the appropriation will be displayed next to the appropriation number.

Enter the three-digit original budgetary transaction code. This T-code is used to identify the appropriate comptroller object to use on the system-generated AFR transaction. The T-codes listed on the 20B indicate which T-code is appropriate for the agency, AY and appropriation number. If the T-code is not listed, it may not be appropriate for the appropriation.

Note: If a budgetary transaction is entered meeting the criteria in the profile overview and the originating T-code is not included on the 20B, an AFR transaction will be generated with a blank comptroller object. A blank comptroller object will cause the generated transaction to error off to batch agency 006, resulting in a reconciling item for the Financial Reporting section of the Comptroller’s office.

Enter the four-digit comptroller object to be used in creating the system-generated AFR transaction. Comptroller objects within the range of 9400–9599 are reserved for GEN COBJ.

EFF START DATE (System generated)
Displays the effective start date for the corresponding Appropriation Number Profile (20) record.

Note: This is a protected field.

EFF END DATE (System generated)
Displays the effective end date for the corresponding 20 profile record.

Note: This is a protected field.

LAST PROC DATE (System generated)
Displays the last process date. The system defaults to the last date (MMDDYYYY) that any online modification (add or change) was made to the profile record.

Note: This is a protected field.

Function Key Definitions

F1 (Help) Automatically links to the News/Help Table (90) screen. Will transfer to the appropriate type of help depending upon the screen and activity the user is on at the time F1 is pressed.
F3 (End) Returns the screen to the menu associated with that screen.
F4 (Interrupt) Initiates or ends an active interrupt. When ending an active interrupt, F4 returns the user to the original screen showing the same information as was on the screen when the active interrupt was initiated. This does not undo the last action.
F6 (Process) Submits transaction data to the edit process. If the edit process is successful, an acceptance message is produced, and the profile record information is stored in the system. If the edit process is not successful, an error message(s) will result. Retains current information on the screen upon completion of processing.
F9 (20B) Automatically links to the Appropriation AFR T-code/COBJ Profile (20B). If a profile record has been recalled and is displayed on the 20 screen when the F9 key is pressed, the agency number, AY and appropriation number will be carried over to the 20B screen.