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USAS Coding Instructions

54B Detail Correction

Centrally used. The Detail Correction (54B) screen is used to enter corrections to one or more transactions within a batch selected from the Batch Header Correction (54A) screen. The fields available for correction are listed on the Valid Field ID Values (54C) screen and may be accessed by placing the cursor in the field identification number (FID) field and pressing F2. Correction values entered on this screen are edited for numeric checks and date validation. All other edits are performed during transaction processing. For detail corrections of more than 50 transaction sequences, the corrections will not be immediately viewable online but will be processed during the nightly system input edit update (IEU) cycle.

 LINK TO:                      DETAIL CORRECTION                            PROD
 VALID ACTIONS – C=CHANGE, D=DELETE, M=MASS CHANGE                              
 BATCH ID:                      STATUS:   USER ID:                              
 ACTION  SEQ NO  FID              CORRECTION VALUE                              

Displays the valid one-character action codes, which are described below. These are the values to be used in the ACTION field.

C Change – Change a single transaction sequence.
D Delete a transaction – This action must be used in combination with the F9 key to delete a transaction.
M Mass change to a batch – Change all unposted transactions.

BATCH ID (System generated)
Displays the batch ID that was selected and carried over from the 54A screen.

STATUS (System generated)
Displays the status from the batch header.

USER ID (System generated)
Displays the user ID of the user who originated the batch.

ACTION (Required)
Enter the action selected from the VALID ACTIONS field at the top of the screen.

SEQ NO (Required for change and delete actions)
Enter the five-digit sequence number that represents the transaction to be changed or deleted. Leave blank for mass change.

FID (Optional)
Enter the valid field ID that corresponds to the field to change on the transaction. To view a listing of valid FIDs on the 54C, place the cursor in the FID field and press F2. An FID value can be automatically carried back to this field by tabbing to the desired FID on the 54C and pressing Enter.

CORRECTION VALUE (Required if blank is not a valid value for the selected FID on the transaction)
Enter the correction value. The system will replace the current value with this correction value.

Function Key Definitions

F1 (Help) Automatically links to the News/Help Table (90) screen. Will transfer to the appropriate type of help depending upon the screen and activity the user is on at the time F1 is pressed.
F2 (Values) Retrieves valid values for the field ID. Tab to the desired FID and press Enter to carry the FID value back to the 54B screen.
F3 (End) Returns the screen to the menu associated with that screen.
F4 (Interrupt) Initiates or ends an active interrupt. When ending an active interrupt, F4 returns the user to the original screen showing the same information as was on the screen when the active interrupt was initiated. This does not undo the last action.
F5 (Header) Accesses the Batch Header Correction (54A) screen.
F6 (Process) Submits transaction data to the edit process. If the edit process is successful, an acceptance message is produced, and the profile record information is stored in the system. If the edit process is not successful, an error message(s) will result. Retains current information on the screen upon completion of processing.
F9 (Delete) Based on an action of D. Flags one or more transaction sequences for deletion. Transaction deletion is completed with F9 processing.
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