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USAS Coding Instructions

88 Accounting Event Inquiry

Inquiry only. The Accounting Event Inquiry (88) screen provides online access to information stored on the active accounting event (AE) table. The active AE table stores posted transaction data for the current month and the previous three months. This screen allows users to request transaction level detail information from the AE table based on four primary types of comptroller general ledger (GL) accounts: appropriation (AP), cash (CA), expenditure (EX) and encumbrances (EN).

 LINK TO:                     ACCOUNTING EVENT INQUIRY                     PROD 
 TYPE:    AGY:       FY:     AY:      EFF DT:        AFUND:        FUND:        
 APPN:           ORG CD:              PGM CD:      OBJ IND:      OBJECT:        
 GRANT#:          PHASE:               PROJ#:        PHASE:         G/L:        
 F1-HELP F3-END F4-INTERRUPT F7-BACK F8-FWRD F10-S086                           

General Ledger Accounts with Inquiry Type

General Ledger Account Inquiry Type
0010 Cash on hand   CA    
0015 Imprest cash on hand   CA    
0020 Petty cash on hand   CA    
0030 Travel cash on hand   CA    
0040 Cash in bank   CA    
0045 Cash in state treasury   CA    
0047 Shared cash   CA    
0048 Legislative cash   CA    
0052 Cash in U.S. treasury   CA    
0160 Current assets short-term investments – investments in pooled cash   CA    
0450 Non-current restricted – cash in bank   CA    
1130 Advances from other funds AP      
5000 Revenue control – cash AP      
5001 Revenue control – accrued AP      
5500 Expenditure control – cash AP   EX  
5501 Expenditure control – accrued AP   EX  
5505 Payroll accrued expenses AP   EX  
5506 Trial payroll expenses AP      
5510 Expenditure control – prior year expenditures AP      
5525 Subgrantee/subcontractor refunds AP      
5700 Cost allocation memo expenditure control AP      
5701 Cost allocation accrued expenditure control AP      
5702 Cost allocation encumbrance reporting AP      
6010 Transfers in AP      
6030 Expenditures not requiring current resources AP      
6050 Transfers out AP      
6080 Residual equity non-cash transfers in AP      
6085 Residual equity non-cash transfers out AP      
9001 Encumbrances AP     EN
9002 Pre-encumbrances AP     EN
9003 Encumbrances (reporting agencies) AP     EN
9004 Pre-encumbrances (reporting agencies) AP     EN
9010 Estimated revenues AP      
9060 Appropriation control AP      

TYPE (Required for recall)
Enter the two-character indicator that determines which comptroller general ledger accounts to use for the inquiry.

AP Appropriation
CA Cash
EN Encumbrances
EX Expenditures

AGY (Required for recall)
Enter the three-digit financial agency number assigned to the agency.

FY (Required for recall)
Enter the two-digit fiscal year to use in the inquiry.

AY (Required for recall)
Enter the two-digit appropriation year to use for the inquiry. The appropriation year is the year for which funds are appropriated by the Legislature for setting up budgets, depositing money and paying obligations.

EFF DT (Required for recall)
Enter the effective date of the transaction (MMDDYY).

AFUND (Required for recall)
Enter the four-digit appropriated fund. Appropriated funds are centrally defined on the Appropriated Fund Profile (D22).

FUND (Optional for recall)
Enter the four-digit fund number. Fund numbers are agency defined on the Fund Profile (D23).

APPN (Optional for recall)
Enter the five-digit appropriation number. Appropriation numbers are centrally defined on the Appropriation Number Profile (20).

ORG CD (Optional for recall)
Enter the four-digit organization code. Organization codes are agency defined on the Organization Code Profile (DØ3).

PGM CD (Optional for recall)
Enter the four-digit program code. Program codes are agency defined on the Program Code Profile (DØ4).

OBJ IND (Required if an object is entered)
Enter the one-character object type indicator.

C Comptroller object defined on the Comptroller Object Profile (D1Ø).
A Agency object defined on the Agency Object Profile (D11).

OBJECT (Required for recall if an object indicator is entered)
Enter the valid object (either comptroller object or agency object, depending on the object indicator selected).

GRANT# (Required for recall if a grant phase is entered)
Enter the six-character alphanumeric grant number. Grant numbers are agency defined on the Grant Number Profile (D47).

PHASE (Required for recall if a grant number is entered)
Enter the two-digit grant phase. If the grant is not divided into phases, enter 00.

PROJ# (Required for recall if a project phase is entered)
Enter the six-digit project number. Project numbers are agency defined on the Project Number Profile (D42).

PHASE (Required for recall if a project number is entered)
Enter the two-digit project phase. If the project is not divided into phases, enter 00.

G/L (Optional for recall)
Enter the four-digit general ledger account number. The GL account entered must be a valid account within the inquiry type entered.

S (Optional)
Enter any single character in the selection (S) field to select a transaction. This field allows for the selection of a specified transaction for further inquiry using the function keys at the bottom of the screen.

EFF DT (System generated)
Displays the effective date of transaction.

CUR DOC (System generated)
Displays the current document number.

SFX (System generated)
Displays the suffix of the transaction in the current document.

REF DOC (System generated)
Displays the reference document number. The reference document identifies a document that has been previously entered into USAS and is related to the current document.

TC (System generated)
Displays the transaction code.

ORG (System generated)
Displays the organization code the transaction is posted to.

PGM (System generated)
Displays the program code the transaction is posted to.

R (System generated)
Displays the reverse indicator that shows if the GL impact for this transaction is reversed.

APPN (System generated)
Displays the appropriation number.

COBJ (System generated)
Displays the comptroller object.

AOBJ (System generated)
Displays the agency object.

AMOUNT (System generated)
Displays the transaction dollar amount.

Function Key Definitions

F1 (Help) Automatically links to the News/Help Table (90) screen. Will transfer to the appropriate type of help depending upon the screen and activity the user is on at the time F1 is pressed.
F3 (End) Returns the screen to the menu associated with that screen.
F4 (Interrupt) Initiates or ends an active interrupt. When ending an active interrupt, F4 returns the user to the original screen showing the same information as was on the screen when the active interrupt was initiated. This does not undo the last action.
F7 (Back) Retrieves the previous page of recalled information.
F8 (Fwrd) Retrieves the following page of information within the selection criteria entered.
F10 (SØ86) Automatically links to the Document Transaction Inquiry (86) screen. If a displayed transaction is selected, the agency number and document number will be carried over to the 86 screen.
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