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Documentation Requirements
Reimbursements to more than one individual

A state agency may reimburse two or more travelers by submitting a properly completed multi-payment travel document (USAS document type 1 with the appropriate T-code. See USAS T-Code Reference Guide) to the Comptroller. A multi-payment travel document results in a separate payment to each payee included in the document.

A multi-payment travel document must be:

The travel voucher/form must be signed and dated on paper or electronically to be considered approved by the individual claiming reimbursement. If the individual dies before approving a document, then only a person in the individual’s line of supervision may approve it. A signature on a paper or electronic travel voucher/form is automatically revoked if new information is added after it is signed, unless the addition is approved by the individual who signed the voucher/form.

A multi-payment travel document must include:

  • a voucher cover form, and
  • supporting documentation for each transaction in the document. This must include one travel voucher/form for each payee included in the multi-payment travel document.
The Comptroller of Public Accounts.
Used as a term of enlargement and not of limitation or exclusive enumeration. The use of the term does not create a presumption that components not expressed are excluded. Texas Government Code Section 311.005(13)
Prospective State Employee
An individual that a state agency considers for employment with the agency. The term includes an employee of a state agency who is considered for employment by another state agency. Texas Government Code Section 660.002(16)
State Agency
A unit of state government that uses appropriated funds to pay or reimburse a travel expense of a state employee. This includes the Teacher Retirement System of Texas and the Employees Retirement System of Texas. Texas Government Code Section 660.002(19)
State Employee
An individual employed by a state agency, including a key official. Texas Government Code Section 660.002(20) The term includes prospective state employees and aircraft pilots.
Travel Document
A term used in USAS. A travel document consists of one or more travel vouchers or transactions.
Travel Voucher/Form
The paper or electronic form adopted or approved by the Comptroller that is completed for the purpose of (1) submitting a travel voucher to the Comptroller on paper, (2) supporting the legality and fiscal responsibility of a travel payment or reimbursement, or (3) for both purposes.
Glenn Hegar
Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts
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