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Documentation Requirements – Transportation
Transportation by private aircraft

The supporting documentation for reimbursement of transportation by private aircraft must satisfy all the following requirements:

  • The supporting documentation must indicate the mode of transportation.
  • When an individual or vendor is reimbursed based entirely or in part on the amount that would have been reimbursed to the individual’s or vendor’s passengers had they traveled by air but not on the individual’s or vendor’s aircraft, the supporting documentation must include:
    • the total cost of the flight;
    • the names and titles of all passengers on the flight;
    • if the passenger is not a legislator: Statewide Procurement Division’s (SPD) contracted airfare or the average coach airfare, whichever is applicable, for the duty point for each passenger as of the date the travel began;
    • if the passenger is a legislator: SPD’s contracted airfare or the average coach airfare, whichever is applicable, for the location to which the passenger travels as of the date the travel began; and
    • the source used to determine the average coach airfare, if applicable
Duty Point
The destination, other than a place of employment, to which a state employee travels to conduct official state business. If the destination is outside the employee's designated headquarters, then the duty point is either the incorporated municipality in which the destination is located or the unincorporated area within a five-mile radius of the destination. Texas Government Code Section 660.002(9)
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Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts
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