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USAS User’s Manual
Chapter 12 – Understanding Financial Tables (continued)

How USAS Posts the Optional Elements to the Primary Tables

About this Procedure

As mentioned previously, each primary table in USAS has a different control key made up of required and optional elements. Since USAS always posts the required elements, the system must only determine whether to post data for the optional elements. To make this determination, USAS identifies the posting-level indicators for a table’s optional elements.

Posting-Level Indicators

Posting-level indicators control whether the optional elements of a control key post to a primary table. Some posting-level indicators have only two values: post the element or do not post the element. Other posting-level indicators have several values that determine the level of data posted.

The following are profiles containing the posting-level indicators.

D23 Fund Profile

Appropriation Fund Level Indicator
Cash Control Organization Level Indicator
Cash Control Fund Level Indicator
Agency Budget Fund Level Indicator

24 Index Code Profile

Appropriation Organization Level Indicator

29 Grant Control Profile

Cash Control Posting Indicator
Expenditure Posting Level Indicator
Revenue Posting Level Indicator

D42 Project Number Profile

Project Phase Budget Level Indicator

20 Appropriation Number Profile

Appropriation Program Level Indicator
Agency Budget Organization Level Indicator
Agency Budget Object Level Indicator

26 Program Cost Account Profile

Agency Budget Program Level Indicator

27 Project Control Profile

Expenditure Posting Level Indicator
Revenue Posting Level Indicator

D47 Grant Number Profile

Grant Phase Budget Level Indicator

The following pages list the posting-level indicators for each primary table’s optional elements. Also listed are the required elements of each table’s control key.

Chapter 12 Continued

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