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USAS User’s Manual
Chapter 12 – Understanding Financial Tables (continued)

USAS Files and Extracts

Input Transaction (IN) File

The Standard Input Accounting Transaction (IN) file stores accounting transactions from other subsystems. All accounting transactions entering USAS, other than through the online system, are input to USAS in the IN record format. This format is expanded into the Internal Accounting Transaction (IT) format during system processing before Batch IEU.

Internal Transaction (IT) File

History File (HX) Extract

The History file (HX) is similar to FACTS Audit Detail. It is used for automated reconciliation of payments produced from USAS. The extract can be used to update an agency's accounting system (e.g., inquiry would reflect warrant number for payments produced out of USAS). This file contains error-free, approved, posted, and paid USAS transactions.

Other Extracts

The General Ledger extract contains data for summary level reporting. The Transaction Level extract contains all transactions currently on the IT file and is used for reconciliation purposes. The Document Financial extract contains data for receivables and encumbrances reporting. The Titles Profile extract contains the profile Title.

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