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USAS User’s Manual
Chapter 12 – Understanding Financial Tables (continued)

Controlling Funding Edits

About this Procedure

Funding edits for each primary table are controlled by fund-control indicators. These indicators determine whether USAS performs funding edits and, if so, at what level of severity.

Fund-Control Indicators

Users can set the fund-control indicators at three severity levels: 0, 1, and 2.

0 Ignore or No. USAS does not perform a funding edit.
1 Fatal or Absolute. USAS displays a fatal error and does not post the transaction.
2 Warning or Advisory. USAS displays a warning error and the transaction is posted. The warning error indicates the funding-edit algorithm the transaction did not pass.

Note: The funding edits for primary tables are triggered only when the fund-control indicators have values of 1 or 2.


The following is a list of primary tables and the fund-control indicators that control the severity of edits for these tables. These profiles are displayed on the following pages.

Appropriation Table 20 Appropriation Number Profile Appropriation Control Type — Cash
Appropriation Control Type — Accrual
Appropriation Control Type — Encumbrance
Appropriation Allotment Control Type
Cash Control Table D22 Appropriated Fund Profile
29 Grant Control Profile
Cash Control Type
Cash Control Type Indicator
Agency Budget Table 20 Appropriation Number Profile Agency Budget Control Type
Agency Budget Allotment Control
Project Table 27 Project Control Profile Project Control Type
Grant Table 29 Grant Control Profile Grant Control Type Indicator

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Chapter 12 Continued

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