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USAS User’s Manual
Chapter 12 – Understanding Financial Tables (continued)

A Detailed Look at the Appropriation Table

Appropriation Table Data Elements and Balances

The following list indicates all the elements that make up a record within the Appropriation table.

Agency FM 01 Balance
Appropriated Fund FM 02 Balance
Appropriation Year FM 03 Balance
Appropriation Number FM 04 Balance
Fund FM 05 Balance
Program Code FM 06 Balance
Organization Code FM 07 Balance
Compt Source Group* FM 08 Balance
Compt Object* FM 09 Balance
LBB Object* FM 10 Balance
Fiscal Year FM 11 Balance
Balance Type FM 12 Balance
Close Indicator FM 13 Balance
Over Exp Date Last Process Date
Close Date Prior Prior Year Balance
Update Number Prior Year Balance

*These elements are not currently in use, meaning no data is posted to them.

Control Key for the Appropriation Table

Agency, appropriation year, appropriation number, appropriated fund, fund, organization code, program code, balance type, and fiscal year are all contained in the control key for the Appropriation table.

Balances of the Appropriation Table

Each month in the fiscal year represents a different column in the financial table. The fiscal month 01 balance represents cumulative balances for the month of September; the fiscal month 02 balance contains the cumulative balances for the month of October, and so on.

The amounts stored in each balance column are cumulative totals of all transactions posted to that record in that month.

For example, assume that in September, two transactions recorded an Appropriation Original Expenditure Budget. One transaction was $6,000 and the second was $3,000, so the total reflected for the month of September is $9,000.


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