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USAS User’s Manual
Chapter 12 – Understanding Financial Tables (continued)

How Reports Access Information

91 Report Request Profile

Users can request reports from financial tables with the 91 Report Request Profile. Users may request reports at or above (i.e., more summarized) the level at which USAS posted the transactions. The levels highlighted in the following example indicate the types of data for which users can generate a report.

Note: Although USAS provides these data request levels, the levels requested may not be valid. The D64 Report Control Profile (shown on a previous page) controls whether the requested level for a particular report is valid.

Data Not Posted to Fund

In this example, the user is using the 91 Report Request Profile to request an Appropriation Summary Report (DAFR 7550) at Fund level 4 (fund). Since the Appropriation Fund Level Indicator on the D23 Fund Profile is set to 1, meaning post Fund level 3 (appropriated fund), the user cannot generate reports at a level for which data is not posted. The result-no report printed.

Data not posted to Fund

Chapter 12 Continued

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