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March, 2018

Statewide Cost Allocation Worksheet Forms Due

The Fiscal 2017 Statewide Cost Allocation Plan, Summary of Fixed Costs PDF provided by the Governor’s Office is now available. Agencies listed on the Fiscal 2017 Statewide Cost Allocation Summary of Fixed Costs by Agency report must submit forms by the indicated deadlines, beginning with the Statewide Cost Allocation Worksheet due by March 27.

Additional forms must be completed by April 6, after the Fiscal 2018 Agency Statewide Cost Allocation Plan by Method of Finance is made available by March 30:

  • General Revenue Reimbursement of Statewide Allocated Costs
  • Federal Funds Reimbursement Calculation (only for listed agencies with federal funds)

First quarter general revenue reimbursements for statewide allocated costs are due by April 6. Agencies can choose to make full payment at that time as well.

For complete information including contacts, instructions and forms, go to General Revenue Reimbursement for Statewide Allocated Costs (FPP A.022).

Warrant Pickup Authorization Form Due by April 20

Every two years, the Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts’ Fiscal Management Division requires an updated Agency Authorization for Warrant Pickup form (74-189) from state agencies and institutions of higher education.

All authorizations now on file terminate at 5 p.m. on April 30, with new forms becoming effective May 1. Agencies and institutions must return the completed original authorization form to Payment Services no later than close of business April 20.

For more information and the form, go to Authorization for Warrant Pickup in TexPayment Resource.

Letters of Indemnity Prohibited for Direct Deposit Recovery

Agencies attempting to recover erroneous direct deposit payments are prohibited from requesting Letters of Indemnity.

See TexPayment Resource for more information.

Fiscal 2018 Second Quarter Post-Payment Audit Reports Are Available

The Fiscal 2018 Second Quarter Post-Payment Audit Reports are now available for view, print and download. See the Audit topic page for forms, Fiscal Policies and Procedures and audit contact information.

Subscribe via GovDelivery to receive email notifications on each audit report posted.

TINS Screen Changes Address Offset Held Warrants

Changes to the TINS Payee Maintenance History (PMTHIS) screen have been made for held warrants that are offset.

For more information on the changes to the PMTHIS screen, see ACR 60159 (Part Two) – TINS System Change.

For questions, contact Payment Services.

Hotel Occupancy Tax Refund FPP Has Been Updated

The fiscal policy and procedure, Hotel Occupancy Tax Quarterly Refund (FPP B.006), has been updated to:

  • Reflect a new document number scheme for the quarterly tax refund transactions
  • Clarify when refund transactions are processed and available on the USAS DAFR8190 and DAFR8200 reports

For questions on the update, contact your appropriation control officer.

Reminder – Deadline Approaching for Second Quarter Veteran Workforce Summary Reports

The online quarterly Veteran Workforce Summary Report acknowledgment form (with required complaint reporting included) must be submitted by March 23.

For more information, see Veteran Workforce Summary Reports and Veteran Complaint Reporting (FPP F.038).

Fiscal 2017 CAFR Now Available

The State of Texas Comprehensive Annual Financial Report (CAFR) is published to provide a thorough picture of the state’s financial condition. The report is compiled from information in the statewide financial systems and individual agency annual financial reports.

The CAFR includes financial statements for the primary government and the component units of the state, management’s discussion and analysis, and a statistical data section.

Citizen-Centric Report Highlights Fiscal 2017 State Financial Information

Citizen-centric reporting of state government financial information has become a national trend, with Texas a proven leader in using plain language to inform citizens on the Texas economy and how their tax dollars are being spent.

The Report to the Citizens of Texas is our citizen-centric report highlighting state of Texas financial information in a concise, easily understood format. The report has been awarded the Certificate of Excellence in Citizen-Centric Reporting from the Association of Government Accountants for each fiscal year since 2008.

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