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January, 2019

Reminder – Last Day to Request Form 1099 is Jan. 30

Payments of $600 or more to a non-corporate payee for services or interest during a calendar year must be reported to the Internal Revenue Service on Form 1099-Miscellaneous (MISC) or Form 1099-Interest Income (INT).

Jan. 30 is the last day to make adjustments in USAS to the 1099-reportable data and request 1099s.

For more information, see USAS Procedures for 1099 Reporting for Calendar Year 2018 (FPP E.001).

SPA Phase-Out Plan

Over the next few years, the Comptroller’s office will be retiring the SPA system and transitioning state agencies to CAPPS. Statewide asset management and required capital asset financial reporting will be accomplished using:

  • The CAPPS Asset Management (AM) module for both CAPPS Central and CAPPS Hub agencies
  • The Capital Asset Note Submission System (CANSS) and
  • A new custom-built Capital Asset Transfer System (CATS)

SPA will remain the state’s capital asset system of record during the transition, and all agencies — including those currently reporting to CAPPS — will be required to interface with SPA.

Read more about the transition from SPA to CAPPS on FMX.

Biennial Revenue Estimate Now Available

The 2020-21 Biennial Revenue Estimate (BRE) is available on Comptroller.Texas.Gov, following its release to the Texas Legislature. Lawmakers use this constitutionally mandated estimate to create a balanced budget during the legislative session.

See the Comptroller’s news release for more on the 2020-21 BRE.

Agencies Must Request Unclaimed Funds by May 31

Unclaimed property turned over to the state includes property that may belong to state agencies or institutions of higher education. If agencies and institutions do not claim property after an annual notification, the Comptroller’s office deposits the money into unappropriated General Revenue (GR). Currently held property will be swept into GR if not claimed by May 31.

See the Unclaimed Property Annual Notification for more, including contact information for the Comptroller’s Unclaimed Property Division.

Reminder – Current Forms Always Available on FMX

Check the Forms page or appropriate topic page on FMX before submitting a form to ensure you submit the current version. Previously downloaded forms or stored links may be outdated.

The Forms page is available at the top of all FMX pages. Forms can be sorted alphabetically, numerically or by topic. Also, FMX topic pages such as Appropriations or Payment Services feature links to related forms.

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