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“What’s New” on FMX

March, 2019

Systems Updated with New Race/Ethnicity Values

The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission announced changes to the statistical categories used to collect race/ethnicity data for the state and local government report (EEO-4). The statewide systems were updated to comply with the new standards.

Effective April 1, 2019, valid race/ethnicity values in USPS, SPRS, HRIS and CAPPS are:

  • White
  • Black
  • Hispanic
  • Asian
  • American Indian or Alaskan Native
  • Native Hawaiian or Other Pacific Islander
  • Two or More Races

The Comptroller’s office strongly recommends that state agencies subject to EEO-4 reporting reevaluate any employee previously identified in your systems as Asian/Other Pacific Islander; these are now two distinct categories. Since the option to indicate more than one race is now available, you may choose to reevaluate your entire population.

Note: Institutions of higher education are not included in the EEO-4 report.

Contact USPS, SPRS, HRIS or CAPPS Agency Support for questions.

Changes to the State Employee PayCard Program

Consumer Financial Protection Bureau updates to the Prepaid Rule impact the state PayCard program. Effective April 1, 2019, agencies are required to provide fee disclosures prior to enrollment. State agencies are also required to read and comply with Bank of America’s CashPay service terms (disclosures and terms are available on TexPayment Resource).

The Employee PayCard Authorization form has been revised to comply with the new requirements. Now titled PayCard Enrollment Authorization Form 74-224 (login required), it contains regulation-specific certification language for the payee and the paying agency. Beginning April 1, only provide the newly revised form to PayCard applicants.

Clarifying Direct Deposit Reversal Deadlines

The deadlines to submit a reversal request to Payment Services are defined under Direct Deposit Payments Made in Error in TexPayment Resource. These deadlines ensure transmission of reversal requests is no later than five banking days after the settlement date of the payment, as required by NACHA.

The Direct Deposit Reversal Request form (74-191) (login required) has been revised to clarify the timing of a reversal request as defined in the 2019 NACHA Operating Rules and Guidelines. Effective immediately, agencies must begin using the revised form to ensure timely processing of reversal requests.

Updated SSN/ITIN/EIN Validation Rules

The SSN/ITIN/EIN Validation Rules have been updated in TexPayment Resource by removing the Individual Taxpayer Identification Number (ITIN) ranges that were expired by the Internal Revenue Service. If your agency’s internal system maintains the list of valid Social Security numbers (SSNs), ITINs and Employer Identification Numbers (EINs), update your system for the valid ITIN ranges.

CAPPS Transitions to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) March 29 – April 1

CAPPS Production and Non-Production, including Business Objects, will be unavailable from Friday, March 29 at 5 p.m. through Monday, April 1 at 7 a.m. during the OCI migration.

CAPPS environments will be available via the new URL as of April 1. Save this URL information for use beginning April 1:

All batch jobs scheduled for Friday evening, March 29, will be held until after OCI migration is complete. Batch jobs should be current by 7 a.m. on April 1.

Note: Current CAPPS URLs, including favorites, will no longer be available and will not redirect to the new OCI links.

Encrypt Confidential Emails to Fiscal Management

State agencies and institutions of higher education may need to send documents to Fiscal Management that contain confidential information.

Email is not a secured transmission. Confidential information must be sent as an encrypted email attachment as prescribed by your agency’s information security policy.

See Confidential Information Must be Encrypted Before Emailing to Fiscal Management (FPP D.004) for details.

Fiscal 2019 Second Quarter Post-Payment Audit Reports Are Available

The fiscal 2019 second quarter post-payment audit reports are now available to view, print and download. See the Audit topic page for forms, fiscal policies and procedures and audit contact information.

Subscribe via GovDelivery to receive email notifications each quarter for audit reports posted.

SPA Core Training Classes Available March – July

State Property Accounting (SPA) instructors offer training for new users or those who have limited experience with the SPA system. Topics include SPA policy and procedures, frequently used screens, basic terminology and navigation.

SPA classes provide 6.5 hours of CPE credit and will be held on the following dates: March  28, April 19, May 22, June 26 and July 17.

Check class availability and register on the Fiscal Management Training Center calendar. Early enrollment is recommended as these limited-time classes fill up quickly.

USAS T-Code and Reference Information Updated

Updated USAS documentation on FMX:

  • USAS T-Code Reference Guide (FPP Q.014) features nine transaction code sorts available in HTML and an expanded table of the most commonly used T-codes.
  • USAS Reference (FPP Q.012) includes updated lists of Comptroller General Ledger Accounts, Document Type and Title, User Class and Title, and Comptroller Objects Sorted by Object Group for Appropriation Year 2019.

Reminder – Deadline Approaching for Second Quarter Veteran Workforce Summary Reports

The online quarterly Veteran Workforce Summary Report acknowledgment form (with required complaint reporting included) must be submitted by March 25.

See Veteran Workforce Summary Reports and Veteran Complaint Reporting (FPP F.038) for more information.

Fiscal 2018 ACFR Now Available

The State of Texas Annual Comprehensive Financial Report (ACFR) is published to provide a thorough picture of the state’s financial condition. The report is compiled from information in the statewide financial systems and individual agency annual financial reports.

The ACFR includes financial statements for the primary government and the component units of the state, management’s discussion and analysis, and a statistical data section.

Replacement Payments for Lost Warrants

Replacement payments for lost, stolen or destroyed warrants can now be made by direct deposit if the original payment was issued as a warrant. This direct deposit option applies only to warrants issued by USAS.

See Returned Direct Deposits and Replacement Payments on eXpendit for detailed USAS instructions, or email with questions.

Second Quarter Payables and Binding Encumbrances Must Be Reported by March 30

State agencies and institutions of higher education must report payables and binding encumbrances for second quarter fiscal 2019 appropriations no later than March 30 to the Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts.

Quarterly certification must be entered in the online form.

For more information, see Encumbrance Report and Lapsing of Appropriations (APS 018) (FPP A.019).