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SPRS Reports

Updated: Sept. 1, 2016 – View Changes

The following table lists the current SPRS production reports and other reports that appear in the daily report file in SPRS. Click on a report number listed below to view the report and its purpose.

Report Number Report Name Revision Date
SPRR000-01–SPRR000-02 Exception Transaction Listing March 15, 2013
SPRRXER SPRS Exception File Sept. 22, 2014
SPRPWPF-01 Payment Record Exception and Balancing Oct. 28, 2003
SPRPWPF-02 Rejected Payments Summary Oct. 28, 2003
SPRPWPF-03 Document Totals Oct. 28, 2003
SPRPUS1-01 Payroll Pre-Processing Exception Status Oct. 28, 2003
SPRPUS3-01 Payroll Voucher Oct. 28, 2003
SPRPUS4-01 Payroll Deduction Transactions March 15, 2013
SPRPUS5-01 Agency Document Summary Oct. 28, 2003
SPRPSTA-01 Agency Document Status Oct. 28, 2003
SPRRHST-01 Payroll Postings Oct. 28, 2003
SPRRREG-01 Direct Deposit Register March 15, 2013
SPRRREG-02 Warrant Register March 15, 2013
SPRRREG-03 Warrant Hold Register March 15, 2013
SPRRREG-04 Zero Net or Return Money Register March 15, 2013
SPRRREG-05 Payment Totals Register Oct. 28, 2003
SPRRREG-06 Daily Warrant Transmittal Oct. 28, 2003
SPRRBAL-01 USAS/SPRS Balancing May 30, 2008
SPRPEXT-01 Payroll Extract Totals Oct. 28, 2003
SPRPCEX-01 Cancellation History Update (Pending USAS Processing) Oct. 28, 2003
SPRHEXT-01 Personnel Extract Totals Oct. 28, 2003
SPRPPCN-01 Pending Cancellations Oct. 28, 2003
SPRRGEX-01 Gross Exceeds Oct. 28, 2003
SPRRRET-01 Retirement Code Evaluation Dec. 1, 2008
SPRRRTD-01 Retirement Code Discrepancy Report Sept. 1, 2014
SWRIERS-01 Statewide Terminations Reported to ERS Oct. 23, 2007
SPRRERS-01 Benefit Totals Reported to ERS Sept. 1, 2016
SPRRVPY-01 Payroll Addenda – Vendor Payments Generated July 31, 2009
SPRRAGE-01 Transaction Held on Addenda Table – Aging July 31, 2009
SPRRSDD-01 Reconciliation of Single Direct Deposit Transactions to USAS July 31, 2009
Changes to This Document
Date Updates
09/01/2016 ACR 60188 modified the Benefit Totals Reported to ERS (SPRRERS-01) report to add Health Savings Account, State Match Health Saving Account and Limited Flexible Spending Account benefit amounts effective 09/01/2016.
01/29/2016 ACR 60135 modified the Benefit Totals Reported to ERS (SPRRERS-01) report to add CSA Qualified Parking Benefit and CSA Transit Pass/Vanpool Benefit effective 02/01/2016.
09/22/2014 Added Reversal Indicator and Authorized Base Salary fields to SPRS Exception File (SPRRXER) report
09/02/2014 ACR 44755 created the Retirement Code Discrepancy Report (SPRRRTD-01) effective 09/01/2014

ACR 44675 modified the Benefit Totals Reported to ERS (SPRRERS-01) report to add Dental Discount Program effective 09/01/2014
09/03/2013 ACR 44033 modified the Benefit Totals Reported to ERS (SPRRERS-01) report to add Payroll Retirement Contributions effective 09/01/2013
03/15/2013 ACR 42683 made changes in preparation for the TINS payee number conversion