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SPRS Reports
Retirement Code Evaluation

This report provides a listing of all employees with incorrect Retirement Code indicators. The report will display the current retirement code on file in SPRS, the correct retirement code, and the effective date of retirement eligibility. Each agency is responsible for correcting the retirement code indicator.

The report will be run on the second workday and second Friday of each month, and will be available for distribution along with the agency's regular personnel reports from Friday night's cycle.

                           AGY #
REPORT: SPRRRET-01                                STATE OF TEXAS                                      RUN DATE: 11/05/2004
                                     STANDARDIZED PAYROLL/PERSONNEL REPORTING SYSTEM                  RUN TIME: 13:19:47
                                         RETIREMENT CODE EVALUATION REPORT                            PAGE: 1


                                                             CURRENT              NEW              EFF DATE OF
     SSN                         NAME                    RETIREMENT CODE    RETIREMENT CODE     RET ELIGIBILITY
 -----------       ---------------------------------     ---------------    ----------------    ----------------
 999-99-9991       LAST NAME1, FIRST NAME1                     N                   E               10/01/2004
 999-99-9992       LAST NAME2, FIRST NAME2                     N                   E               10/01/2004
 999-99-9993       LAST NAME3, FIRST NAME3                     N                   E               11/01/2004
 999-99-9994       LAST NAME4, FIRST NAME4                     N                   E               10/01/2004
 999-99-9995       LAST NAME5, FIRST NAME5                     N                   E               11/01/2004
 999-99-9996       LAST NAME6, FIRST NAME6                     N                   E               10/01/2004