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SPRS Reports
Statewide Terminations Reported to ERS

Updated Oct. 23, 2007 – View Changes

This report identifies all termination records reported to ERS for the period. The report is sorted in Social Security number order, and will be generated each Monday night (or the next business day if Monday falls on an official holiday). For more information, see Statewide Terminations Reported to Employees Retirement System.

 REPORT:   SWRIERS-01                                        STATE OF TEXAS                                    RUN DATE: 10/23/2007
                                                        STATEWIDE REPORTING GROUP                               RUN TIME: 22:08:29
                                                  STATEWIDE TERMINATIONS REPORTED TO ERS                                   PAGE: 1

                                                                                                          REASON        BACKOUT     
    SSN           EMPLOYEE NAME                                              EFF DATE    PROCESS DATE      CODE           IND       
-----------   --------------------------------------------------------      ----------   ------------      ----           ---

999-99-9999   FIRST NAME MI LAST NAME                                       10/12/2007    10/16/2007        TER                     

999-99-9991   FIRST NAME MI LAST NAME                                       10/16/2007    10/17/2007        TER                     
999-99-9992   FIRST NAME MI LAST NAME                                       10/12/2007    10/16/2007        TER             B
999-99-9993   FIRST NAME MI LAST NAME                                       10/15/2007    10/17/2007        DEA

Changes to this Document
Date Updates
10/23/07 Beginning Oct. 22, 2007, the report will be produced weekly.