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SPRS Reports
Payroll Deduction Transactions

Updated: March 15, 2013 – View Changes

Use this report to find vendor totals for warrants and direct deposits for deduction vendors. The report illustrates the breakdown of each vendor payment by fund, USAS T-code, appropriation year (AY), PCA, and object code.

REPORT: SPRPUS4-01                                          STATE OF TEXAS                                     RUN DATE: MM/DD/YYYY 
                                          STANDARDIZED PAYROLL/PERSONNEL REPORTING SYSTEM                      RUN TIME: 12:53:32   
                                                   PAYROLL DEDUCTION TRANSACTIONS                                  PAGE:      1     
                                         PAY PERIOD END 11/30/20XX, PAYMENT DATE 12/03/20XX                                         

AGENCY:  123   STATE AGENCY                                                                    DOCUMENT NUMBER:  89999A01                 

USAS EFFECTIVE DATE:  11/10/20XX             DD TRANSMIT DATE:  11/28/20XX             TAX DEPOSIT DATE:  12/04/20XX                

 FUND                                                             APPROP             COMP   AGENCY                                  
NUMBER TCODE    VENDOR ID               VENDOR NAME                YEAR  PCA/INDEX  OBJECT  OBJECT        AMOUNT                    
 0001   883                       DIRECT DEPOSITS                   13    P99999     7999                  1,161.06                 
                              VENDOR TOTAL   FOR DIRECT DEPOSITS                                                            1,161.06
        883                   TCODE TOTAL                                                                                   1,161.06
        885  XXXXXXXXXXX/SP1      VENDOR ONE                        13    P99999     7999                     50.00                 
                              VENDOR TOTAL   FOR VENDOR ONE                                                                    50.00
             XXXXXXXXXXX/000      VENDOR TWO                        13    P99999     7999                    100.00                 
                              VENDOR TOTAL   FOR VENDOR TWO                                                                   100.00
        885                   TCODE TOTAL                                                                                     150.00
        886  XXXXXXXXXXX/001      VENDOR THREE                      13    P99999     7999                      9.38                 
                                                                    13    P99999     7999                     12.70                 
                              VENDOR TOTAL   FOR VENDOR THREE                                                                  22.08

0001                          FUND TOTAL                                                                                    1,333.14
                              DOCUMENT TOTAL                                                                                1,333.14

Changes to this Document
Date Updates
03/15/2013 Modified VENDOR ID data format.