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SPRS Reports
Zero Net or Return Money Register

Updated: March 15, 2013 – View Changes

Use this report to find payment transactions, which recorded payment history but did not generate payments because the net pay amount was zero (gross minus deductions = .00) or was negative (returned money transactions).

See the Page Break and Page Break Title Options for SPRS Payment Registers (ACR 7955) document for more information.

REPORT: SPRRREG-04                                          STATE OF TEXAS                                     RUN DATE: MM/DD/YYYY 
                                          STANDARDIZED PAYROLL/PERSONNEL REPORTING SYSTEM                      RUN TIME: 08:32:47   
                                                 ZERO NET OR RETURN MONEY REGISTER                                 PAGE:      1     
                                                  SPRS PROCESSING DATE: 11/18/20XX                                                  
AGENCY:  AGY#  AGENCY NAME                                                                                  
                    SSN        PMT DT      PAY NO    DOC NO                NAME                          NET PAY AMT PAYMENT SORT   
                 XXXXXXXXX   12/01/20XX  Z00000001  89999S12   LAST, FIRST M                             0.00  1048     
                                                   COUNT:           1       AGENCY TOTAL:                0.00                 

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