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USPS Process Guide
Chapter 4: Employee Maintenance –

HNHLS, HNHBK – Backing Out a Personnel Action

Prerequisites: Payment cannot have been made involving record to be backed out.

Note: The most current record must always be backed out first. All reason codes may be backed out except 10 (new hires), 12 (interagency transfers), LEG, L00, L02, L03, L08 (legislative), 35 (one-time merit), 36 (enhanced compensation), 69 (death), 099 (conversion marker record), FXX (fiscal year record for some years), and any reason code beginning with an X.

Step Action
1 Access HNHLS.
2 Enter BK in the SUBCOMMAND field of the desired action to be backed out.
3 Press Enter to link to HNHBK.
4 Enter Y to back out of the action or N if this is not the action to be backed out.

Press Enter to process the transaction. A message will display indicating the action was backed out successfully. Press Enter again to complete the process and link back to HNHLS.

Note: If you back out an action that changes an employee’s EEO code to or from E (elected officials), verify the elected service months on H0BUS.