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USPS Process Guide
Chapter 4: Employee Maintenance –

H60LW – Changing Leave Without Pay Reason

Screen: H60LW
Prerequisites: Employee status of ‘02’ on H0BUS
Step Action
1 Access H60LW.
2 Enter R or I in the SUBCOMMAND field.
3 Enter the following fields as required:

The date the employee began a period of leave without pay for the applicable LWOP REASON.

Note: Once set, this date cannot be changed. When inserting a new LWOP REASON, enter the EFF DATE that the employee began leave without pay for the new reason code. Once the new row and LWOP REASON is processed, the EFF END DATE of the prior record will be populated (or closed) with a date that is one day prior to the EFF DATE of the record being inserted.

LWOP REASON (Required)

Enter a value to indicate the reason the employee requests a leave of absence. Valid values are listed on encode/decode table 840.

Note: Once the LWOP REASON has been processed, the following changes can be made:

  1. a change from an FMLA leave reason to another FMLA leave reason; or
  2. a change from a non-FMLA leave reason to another non-FMLA leave reason.

If the initial entry of the leave reason code was incorrect and needs to be changed from an FMLA leave reason to a non-FMLA leave reason or vice versa, try backing out the leave without pay transaction (reason code 043 on HNHBK) and re-entering with the correct leave reason code. If other LWOP REASON changes are needed, a Letter of Authorization (LOA) is required to correct the LWOP REASON.

EFF END DT (Display)
The last day the employee was on leave for the leave without pay reason specified. This value is updated when a new leave reason is added during a current period of leave without pay but can also be updated when the employee returns from a period of leave without pay. If the employee terminates while on leave without pay, this field will be automatically populated with the employee’s termination date.
ENTRY DATE (Display)
The date the leave without pay row was first created or when any information on this row was last updated.
OPER ID (Display)
The USER ID who entered or most recently updated the record.
4 Press Enter to process the transaction.