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USPS Process Guide
Chapter 4: Employee Maintenance –

HIDU1 – Maintaining Individual Identification Information

Screen: HIDU1
Prerequisites: None
Step Action
1 Access HIDU1 using only the employee’s SSN.
2 Enter R in the SUBCOMMAND field.
3 Enter the following fields as required:
The agency numbers for all the employing agencies. Only the first employing agency has the ability to update this screen.

Enter the individual’s first and last name. The middle name is optional. Do not use punctuation marks.

Note: If the name has a suffix, put it in the LAST NAME field preceded by a space. For example, John C Smith Jr or William E Harris III (no periods, commas, or special characters).

Enter the individual’s address. (ADDRESS LINE 2 is optional.)
PROTECT IND (Optional)
Blank field Protection not required by law
01 Protection based by law for any reason other than 02, 03, 04 or 05
02 Current or former CPO (Certified Peace Officer)
03 Current or former protected agency employee
04 Both a CPO and protected agency employee
05 Agencies with protected divisions

Note: If an option other than blank is entered, the employee's address, home phone, SSN, family information and emergency contact information is protected and will not be released to the public.

COUNTY (Display)
Updated automatically based on ZIP code.
SEX (Required)
F Female
M Male
RACE (Required)
0 White
1 Black
2 Hispanic
3 Asian
4 American Indian or Alaskan Native (AIOAN)
5 Other (Higher Education Agency Use Only)
6 Native Hawaiian or Other Pacific Islander (NHOPI)
7 Two or more races (MULTI)
BIRTH DATE (Required)
Enter the individual’s birth date. This information is required for insurance purposes.
Blank field Not defined
A Doctorate
B Postdoctorate
C Bachelor’s – voc rehab
D Master’s – voc rehab
E Bachelor’s – social work
F Master’s – social work
G Doctorate – social work
O Less than high school
1 High school or equivalent
2 Some college
3 Two-year college degree
4 Four-year degree (unrelated to business)
5 Four-year degree (related to business)
6 Some postgraduate work
7 Postgraduate degree (unrelated to business)
8 Postgraduate degree (related to business)
9 Master’s

Enter a value indicating whether the individual allows the agency to release any of the following information to the public. A value of Y (yes) or N (no) will be used to determine whether the employee's address, home phone, Social Security number, family information and emergency contact can be released under the Open Records Act.

  • Address (Required)
  • Home Phone (Required)
  • SSN (Required)
  • Family Info (Required)
  • Emer Contact (Required)
4 Press Enter to process the transaction.