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USPS Process Guide
Chapter 4: Employee Maintenance –

H0BUI – Updating Direct Deposit Information

Screen: H0BUI
Prerequisites: Direct Deposit Authorization Form

Note: When a direct deposit transaction is entered (new or changed), TINS is required to run a test deposit before it transmits into that account from a final payroll run. This requires a three-day waiting period (known as prenote) from the date you enter the setup/change until it becomes effective. The effective date of deposit, as found on TINS, refers to the payroll processing date, not the payment date. Therefore, if your TINS effective date shows 7/25/XX and your final payroll processes on 7/22/XX, that employee’s direct deposit does not take effect until the next payment.

Step Action
1 Access H0BUI.

Enter R in the SUBCOMMAND field of the appropriate deduction.

Note: If an employee chooses to deposit part of his or her pay into a savings account, the savings is still considered a deduction and the checking must still be entered as 100.00 percent because the system recognizes a checking “deduction” as net pay.

If a savings deduction already exists, and the employee wants to add a checking deduction (or vice versa), you may change the AMOUNT field and/or the PERCENTAGE field on the existing deduction without using R in the SUBCOMMAND field. Then, insert (using I in the SUBCOMMAND field) the new deduction with the same transaction. Because R is not used, this is treated as one transaction and only one maintenance history record is created.

3 Enter the following fields as required:
FR (Required)
00 Turn off direct deposit (employee receives warrant)
09 Every payment goes direct deposit


  • If you discontinue direct deposit and then restart it (either with the same account or a different one), the new setup requires another three-day prenote. If the employee is a direct transfer-in, TINS does not prenote; you must, however, turn the frequency back on before direct deposit at your agency can take effect.
  • If employee is terminated, the direct deposit frequency will remain on for 60 days past term date (except for deceased employees termed with reason code 069). The frequency will turn off during the first USPS cycle without an approved payroll. Direct deposit can be turned off earlier by changing the frequency on this screen. A new hire will always begin employment with direct instructions off for every new hire code.

Enter a value that represents the amount or percentage of the net payment for direct deposit.

If only a savings or checking (one of the two) deduction exists, you must enter 100 in the PERCENT field.

If both savings and checking deductions exist, then you must enter an amount in the AMOUNT field for savings and 100 in the PERCENT field for checking.

Enter the bank’s nine-digit transit/routing number. Do not enter dashes.

Enter the employee’s bank account number.

Note: Remove any extra zeros remaining at the end of the BANK ACCOUNT NUMBER field.


Press Enter to process the transaction.

Note: A message displays, instructing you to press Enter to update USPS. Press Enter again to process the transaction completely.

Note: Once a final payroll is approved on HSCU3, changes to direct deposit information are not allowed. If a change is required before the payroll is processed, disapprove the payroll on HSCU3, enter the changes and re-approve the payroll on HSCU3.