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Cancellation of Held Warrants

The cancellation of a warrant because it is on hold is expressly prohibited. A held warrant may only be canceled if:

  • The payment was issued in error


  • The Hold Source agency or agencies consent to the warrant cancellation. The consent must be:
    • In writing
    • Obtained on a payment-by-payment basis
    • Retained for audit purposes

The cancellation must be completed and the warrant released within 30 days of issuance to avoid the offset of the warrant. If the held warrant was offset before the cancellation, the paying agency must work with the Hold Source agency for the return of the funds.

Vendor or Travel Warrants

Once cancellation consent is received, the paying agency is required to cancel USAS warrants on hold in Treasury Operations’ Web Warrant Inquiry and Cancellation Request System.

Use Cancel Reason 304: Warrant on Hold regardless of the reason for the cancellation. This helps ensure that Payment Services receives timely notification of canceled held warrants so they can be released from hold and destroyed before being offset in error.

Held Payroll Warrant

An internal report serves as notification to Payment Services of any USPS and SPRS (including CAPPS HR/Payroll) payroll warrants on hold canceled through those systems.

Payment Services uses the report to process held warrant releases for the canceled warrants and update TINS before shredding the warrants. The report ensures that USPS and SPRS canceled held warrants are released and shredded in time to avoid potential erroneous offsets.

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