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TexPayment Resource

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TexPayment Resource

Issued: May 12, 2017
Updated: Jan. 5, 2024

FPP P.007

Note: Unless specifically noted otherwise, “agency” includes institutions of higher education.

The Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts created this website to provide state agencies and institutions of higher education a comprehensive resource for state payee processing information, including the direct deposit and warrant hold programs.

The website includes instructions on how to enter payee data and make inquiries in the Texas Identification Number System (TINS). TINS is the Comptroller statewide system for tracking payee and payment information. You can also quickly and easily search for payment-related information.

Please contact the Payment Services section of the Fiscal Management Division to discuss your specific situation or for clarification about any topic found in this resource.

Latest Updates

Date Updates
01/05/2024 Updated the Reclamation Requests page
12/14/2023 Removed DDEP training webinar content
11/10/2023 Added DDEP Training Webinars page and links
11/03/2023 Updated to reflect new Direct Deposits – Reversals and Reclamations (DDEP) application
10/20/2023 Updated the Payee Maintenance History page
07/27/2023 Updated the Comptroller-assigned TINs page for 3 TINs that were assigned and used ONLY for local fund payments
07/14/2023 Implemented new system edits and enhancements per ACR 60547
05/08/2023 Updated AOP Agency Deposit Report page and TINS File Layouts and Check-Digit Algorithms (login required) page for clarity
04/28/2023 Updated Warrant Hold Release Reason Codes section per ACR 60019
04/18/2023 Moved Batch T-Codes page from Batch Processing section to TINS File Layouts and Check-Digit Algorithms section (login required)
03/14/2023 Updated Direct Deposit section to reflect new reversal/reclamation reports
11/28/2022 Removed references to “remote print” when referring to a report download process
09/08/2022 New Pay Card page and marketing materials in Direct Deposit
06/21/2022 Updated warrant distribution instructions on Authorization for Warrant Pickup
04/08/2022 Updated Payment Search instructions
03/04/2022 Updated SSN/ITIN/EIN Validation Rules and policy provisions
02/04/2022 Defined Bailment Contract violations
02/02/2022 Updated Forged Warrants, Cancellation of Held Warrants and Mail Codes policy and provisions
12/06/2021 Updated Mid-Day Validation Process
11/19/2021 Updated Payee Setup and Maintenance instructions and added Forms instructions page
08/04/2021 Updated instructions to Application for Texas Identification Number, Form AP-152