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Warrant Policies
Forged Warrants

Payees who claim their warrants have been forged must contact the paying agency. The paying agency must obtain a forgery package from the Comptroller’s Treasury Operations Division (Treasury Operations) that includes the following Banking and Electronic Processing Forms:

  • Form 00-952, Affidavit of Forgery
  • Form 82-197, Chargeback Authorization

The paying agency provides the payee with the Affidavit of Forgery to complete and return to the agency. Once received, the agency is responsible for investigating the payee’s forgery claim and obtaining the necessary documentation that supports the claim. The agency then completes and submits the Chargeback Authorization form to Treasury Operations.

If Treasury Operations is successful in recouping the funds for the forged warrant, it will provide the agency with written notification of the reinstated warrant. Treasury Operations updates the warrant status from P-Paid to R-Reinstated.

If the original warrant… Then…
Is available to the payee, The warrant is negotiable and can be presented for payment.
Is not available to the payee or the agency, The warrant can be canceled and reissued with another warrant or by direct deposit. See Replacement Warrant.

The method or process for cancellation of a reinstated warrant depends on the statewide system that issued the original warrant.

If the warrant was issued via: Then…
USAS for a vendor, employee travel or payroll deduction warrant,

Upon receiving the Treasury Operations notification of the warrant reinstatement, submit the following to Payment Services:

Agencies cannot cancel the reinstated forged warrant on the Treasury Operations Web Warrant Inquiry and Cancellation System (WWIC) system. An attempt to cancel a reinstated warrant on WWIC will display the following dialogue box:

Dialogue box that displays when attempting to cancel a reinstated warrant on WWIC

Payment Services processes the PCV in USAS and then enters the cancellation in WWIC on behalf of the agency.

Before issuing the replacement payment, verify the warrant cancellation has processed by monitoring the agency’s daily USAS Cancellations Processed by Fiscal Management - Daily Activity report (DAFR2161).

USPS or SPRS/CAPPS for payroll warrants,

The agency must cancel the reinstated warrant via the appropriate payroll system from which the warrant was issued. The agency may then issue the replacement warrant via that system.

Reinstated payroll warrants may only be replaced with another warrant. Forged and reinstated payroll payments cannot be reissued via direct deposit.

* The agency will not receive a reinstatement notification document when funds are collected on a forged warrant after the warrant void date. Once a warrant is void, it cannot be canceled; therefore, a PCV should not be submitted for a reinstated warrant that has voided. Treasury Operations will notify the agency of its voided warrants, and the agency will receive the recovered funds via the Void Warrants process.