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Treasury Operations’ WWIC

Treasury Operations’ Web Warrant Inquiry and Cancellation System (WWIC) allows staff with security to:
  • Inquire on the status of the warrants issued by the agency or institution
  • View and/or print the front and back images of cleared (paid) warrants
  • Enter and approve cancellation requests for USAS-issued warrants, including held warrants

Note: Warrant cancellations processed in WWIC are canceled in real time. Once a cancellation request is approved and saved, it cannot be reversed.

Payment Services will return cancellation vouchers for warrants that must be canceled through WWIC, including USAS warrants on hold. See Cancellation of Held Warrants.

Payment Services shreds and disposes of canceled held warrants. Otherwise, each agency is responsible for the shredding and the appropriate disposal of their canceled warrants.