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Receipt requirements

For a state employee to be reimbursed for a lodging expense, the employee must provide proof that the lodging expense was incurred. This normally takes the form of a lodging receipt.

A lodging receipt issued by a commercial lodging establishment, a travel agency or a broker is acceptable and must include the following: Texas Government Code Section 660.115

  • The name and address of the commercial lodging establishment, and
  • The name of the employee, and
  • The single room rate, and
  • A daily itemization of the lodging charges, and
  • Proof of payment.

A receipt that has been altered by any person other than the entity issuing the receipt is unacceptable. A receipt to which additional information has been added is considered unaltered if the information does not conflict with the original information on the receipt. The paper version of a receipt delivered through the Internet or electronic mail by a commercial lodging establishment, travel agency or broker is considered original.

If a lodging receipt is unavailable, the supporting documentation must include the canceled check or credit card slip used to pay the lodging expense, the credit card billing on which the lodging charges appear or a copy of the receipt, check, slip or billing.