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HRIS Online Inquiry and Entry Guide
Chapter 3 – HRIS Online Data Entry

How to Stop Carriers

Action Code S

Perform the following steps to stop or date end a carrier record on the Reference Higher Education Carrier Table Update screen (Record ID 14).

  1. Enter HC in the OPTION field of the Reference Table Update Menu.

    – or –

    From any screen in HRIS, press Home to advance to the top-left corner of the screen at the ALT CMD field, then enter RTHC.

  2. Press Enter. The Reference Higher Education Carrier Table Update screen appears.
USER123  F48CRTHC                   HRIS                   MM/DD/YYYY 03:55:12 
         ACTION CODE: _                  AGENCY NO:                             
         CARRIER NO: ________            PRODUCT TYPE: ____                     
         DEDUCTION CODE: ___             EFFECTIVE START DATE: ______           
         CARRIER NAME: __________________________________________________       
         VENDOR ID: ______________                                              
 -ENTER- -F1-  -F2-  -F3-  -F4-  -F5-  -F6-  -F7-  -F8-  -F9-  -F10- -F11- -F12- 
               PVSC  MAIN  MENU  REFR                                       END 
 1032 ACTION CODE MUST BE "A", "C", OR "D"                                      
  1. Enter the following key mandatory fields:

    ACTION CODE (Key Mandatory)
    Enter action code.

    S Stop

    AGENCY NUMBER (Key Mandatory)
    Enter your agency number.

    CARRIER NUMBER (Key Mandatory)
    Enter the carrier number.

    PRODUCT TYPE (Key Mandatory)
    Enter 457, 403B or ORP.

    DEDUCTION CODE (Key Mandatory)
    Enter the appropriate deduction code.

    ORP Optional Retirement
    401 Texa$aver Retirement (401K)
    403 Tax Sheltered Annuity
    457 Deferred Compensation

    EFFECTIVE START DATE (Key Mandatory)
    Enter the stop date for the carrier record.

  2. Press Enter.

    The system displays the carrier record information. Review the information to be sure the record is the one you want to date-end. The message 9096 – Press F9 to Confirm Stop displays at the bottom of the screen.

  3. Press F9 to confirm the stop.

    If successful, HRIS accepts the stop date and the message Process Successfully Completed appears at the bottom-left of the screen. If unsuccessful, an HRIS error message appears at the bottom of the screen. Correct the information as the error message indicates.