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HRIS Online Inquiry and Entry Guide
Chapter 3 – HRIS Online Data Entry

How to Reverse a Termination

Perform the following steps to reverse employee terminations (reason codes 051 – 069) on the Employee Descriptive Information screen.

  1. Enter ED in the OPTION field of the Personnel Update Menu.

    – or –

    From any screen in HRIS, press Home to advance to the top-left corner of the screen at the ALT CMD field, then enter HEED.

  2. Press Enter. The Employee Descriptive Information screen appears.
        ALT CMD: ____     EMPLOYEE DESCRIPTIVE INFORMATION                        
 AGENCY: ___      SSN: _________      REASON CODE: ___       EFF DATE: ________ 
 REVERSAL IND:       _    TRANSFER AGY FR: ___       TRANSFER AGY TO:   ___     
 NAME - FIRST: ___________MI: 			 LAST: ___________________________________
 NON RES ALIEN IND:  _    BIRTH DATE:      ________  RACE:              _       
 SEX:                _    EMPL TYPE:       __        VETERAN IND:       _       
 STAT ATTR CD:       _    BRP ELIG IND:    _         BRP INCREASE:      _______ 
 TEMP SSN IND:       _    UNIT NUMBER:     ____      EMPL DATA REL IND: _       
 DIRECT DEP IND:     _    LOCATOR CODE:    _______   ACADEMIC RANK:     _       
 TENURE STATUS:      _    EDUCATION LEVEL: _                                    
                    MAILING: ADDR1: _________________________                   
                             ADDR2: _________________________                   
                             CITY:  ____________________________                
                             STATE: __      ZIP: _________                      
 EMPLOYMENT DT: ________   TERMINATION DT:              PAY RAISE ELIG IND: _   
 -ENTER- -F1-  -F2-  -F3-  -F4-  -F5-  -F6-  -F7-  -F8-  -F9-  -F10- -F11- -F12-
               PVSC  MAIN  MENU  REFR                                       END 

  1. Enter the following key mandatory fields:

    AGENCY (Key Mandatory)
    Enter your agency number.

    SSN (Key Mandatory)
    Enter the employee’s Social Security number without spaces or hyphens.

    REASON CODE (Key Mandatory)
    Enter the original reason code of the transaction you are reversing.

    EFF DT (Key Mandatory)
    Enter the original effective date of the transaction you are reversing.

  2. Press Enter.
  3. Enter Y (yes) in the REVERSAL IND field.
  4. Press Enter to process the reversal.

    If successful, HRIS accepts the job information and the message Process Successfully Completed appears at the bottom-left of the screen. If unsuccessful, an HRIS error message appears at the bottom of the screen. Correct the information as the error message indicates.

    Note: When processing a termination for an employee who has a job/appointment that ends after the termination date, the job/appointment end-date is automatically set to the effective date of the termination. When you reverse the termination, if original job end-date was 6/1 – 8/31, job end-date will default to 8/31 after reversal. If original job end-date was 9/1 – 5/31, job end-date will default to 5/31 after reversal.