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HRIS Online Inquiry and Entry Guide
Chapter 3 – HRIS Online Data Entry

How to Set Up or Change Classification Codes

Action Codes A and C

Perform the following steps to add or change classification codes on the Reference Higher Education Positions screen (Record ID 12).

  1. Enter HP in the OPTION field of the Reference Table Update Menu

    – or –

    From any screen in HRIS, press Home to advance to the top-left corner of the screen at the ALT CMD field, then enter RTHP.

  2. Press Enter. The Reference Higher Education Positions screen appears.
USER123  F48CRTHP                    HRIS                  MM/DD/YYYY 02:54:50 
      CMD: ____         REFERENCE HIGHER EDUCATION POSITIONS       PAGE:       1 
     ACTION CODE:  _          AGENCY NUMBER:  ___       CLASS CODE:  ________   
                              FISCAL YEAR:    ____  EFF START DATE:  ______     
     CLASS TITLE:  ____________________________________________________________ 
     SHORT TITLE:  ______________________________                               
     MINIMUM SALARY:  __________                                                
     MAXIMUM SALARY:  __________                                                
     AGENCY EXECUTIVE CODE:  _                                                  
 -ENTER- -F1-  -F2-  -F3-  -F4-  -F5-  -F6-  -F7-  -F8-  -F9-  -F10- -F11- -F12- 
               PVSC  MAIN  MENU                                             END 

  1. Enter the following key mandatory fields:

    ACTION CODE (Key Mandatory)
    Enter action code.

    A Add
    C Change

    AGENCY NUMBER (Key Mandatory)
    Enter your agency number.

    CLASS CODE (Key Mandatory)
    Enter the alphanumeric class code.

    FISCAL YEAR (Key Mandatory)
    Enter the four-digit fiscal year for which the class code is available.

    EFF START DATE (Key Mandatory)
    Enter the date. It must be within the fiscal year the update is effective (MMDDYYYY).

    Note: Always use 09/01 of the fiscal year for all class codes.

  2. Press Enter.

    The system will now accept information in the mandatory fields.

  3. Enter or change data in the following fields:

    CLASS TITLE (Mandatory)
    Enter the classification code title.

    SHORT TITLE (Mandatory)
    Enter the short version of the classification code title.

    Enter Y (Yes) if the classification code is for a Chancellor or President position.
    Enter N (No) if it is not.

  4. Press Enter to process the information.

    If successful, HRIS accepts the classification information and the message Process Successfully Completed appears at the bottom-left of the screen. If unsuccessful, an HRIS error message appears at the bottom of the screen. Correct the information as the error message indicates.