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Direct Deposit Inquiry Screens

TINS inquiry screens provide helpful tools to verify direct deposit information. It is important for agencies to monitor their actions each day to determine if direct deposit actions processed correctly. Inquiry screens can be a used as a quality control step.

Payee Distribution – Direct Deposit (PYDIST)

  • The PYDIST screen displays mail code details for direct deposit instructions.
  • This inquiry screen should be used to:
    • Verify if a mail code is set up for direct deposit
    • Confirm the account information and status
    • Determine the custodial agency

Financial Institution Information (BANKIN)

  • The BANKIN screen displays the routing number and contact information for financial institutions receiving direct deposit payments.
  • If you need to contact a financial institution about a direct deposit, you can find the phone number for the ACH contact if you have the nine-digit routing
    • You may call to confirm account information or verify payments, but cannot request monies be returned. See Direct Deposit Payments Made in Error.
    • Please note that many financial institutions have a policy of not releasing any information to third parties.

Payee Maintenance History (PMTHIS)

  • The PMTHIS screen displays all maintenance transactions for a payee, not just direct deposit. The information is in chronological order.
  • Use the PMTHIS screen to review deposit setups, changes, cancellations and NOCs and the dates of these actions.

Note: See also Direct Deposit Reports available to monitor direct deposit actions.