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Pay Card

The Comptroller’s office contracts with a bank (bank) to offer a pay card to state payees to receive the following payment types on a debit card:

  • State employee net pay.
  • State employee travel reimbursement.
  • State retirement net pay.

The pay card excludes employee net pay and travel payments from institutions of higher education as those payments are not issued through the Comptroller’s office.

For details, see Pay Card for Payroll/Retirement Net Pay (FPP P.004).

Pay Card Program Terms

Participation in the pay card program requires the paying agency to provide the Fee Disclosures, English PDF (Fee Disclosures, Spanish PDF) and the Pay Card Enrollment Authorization (74-224) to its payees BEFORE enrollment:

  • Short Form Fee Disclosure – the short fee disclosure (page 1) sets forth certain key fees and information about the pay card.
  • Fee Schedule – the long fee disclosure (pages 2-4) provides comprehensive fee information and other key information about the pay card.
  • Pay Card Enrollment Authorization (74-224) – requires both the paying agency and the payee to acknowledge distribution and receipt of these forms prior to enrollment.

Paying agencies must:

  • Ensure all information provided about the payee is correct.
  • Confirm that the employee is legally employable in the United States before receiving payroll and/or travel payments on the pay card account.
  • Advise that the payee does not have to accept the pay card account for the purpose of receiving payroll, travel or state retirement payments and that the payee was provided with other methods to receive such payments.