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Profile Rollover
Profiles That Automatically Rollover Each Year

The following profiles are included in the annual USAS profile rollover. Profile rollover creates new profile records to be used in the next fiscal year (FY) and appropriation year (AY) based on existing profile records for the current FY and AY.

Agency-Controlled Profiles:

D03 Organizational Code
D04 Program Code
D11 Agency Object Code
D23 Fund
D25 Agency Object Group
D37 Other system Cost Center
22 Cost Allocation
23 Fixed Percent Allocation
24 Index
25 Agency Control
26 Program Cost Account
30 Contract
30B Contract Multi-Vendor

Centrally-Controlled Profiles:

D09 Comptroller Source Group
D10 Comptroller Object
D34 NACUBO Source/Object
D54 NACUBO Function Code
8C Comptroller Object Relationship Edit
8D Program Code Relationship Edit
8E Organizational Code Relationship Edit
20 Appropriation Number
20B Appropriation AFR T-Code/COBJ Profile