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USAS Extract Files

USAS extracts can be divided into financial activity extracts and profile extracts. There are two types of profile extracts: profile title and profile record. Profile title extracts are designed to provide the control key and title information for each record set up on the profile requested. The profile record extract provides the data for all of the fields on the related profile, not just the control key and title. There is only one profile record extract, the DAFXT030 for the Contract Profile (30).

Users must submit an extract request to the Comptroller's System Input/ Output (SIO) group to receive any extract. Additionally, some extracts allow the user to customize the extract by setting up a request on the Report Request Profile (91). The options available for these extracts are detailed on the Report Control Profile (D64).

Financial Activity Extracts

Extract ID Extract Title
APX Appropriation Balance Extract
HX History Extract
TX Transaction Extract
DAFXTCFX Contract Financial Table Extract *
DAFXTGLX General Ledger Extract *
* USAS report request (91) required

Profile Extracts

A USAS report request (91) is required for all profile extracts.

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Extract ID Extract Title
DAFXTD02 Agency
DAFXTD03 Organizational Code
DAFXTD04 Program Code
DAFXTD08 GAAP Source/Object
DAFXTD10 Comptroller Object
DAFXTD11 Agency Object
DAFXTD13 GAAP General Ledger Account Category
DAFXTD14 GAAP General Ledger Account Class
DAFXTD16 GAAP Category
DAFXTD20 GAAP Fund Group
DAFXTD22 Appropriated Fund
DAFXTD25 Agency Object Group
DAFXTD28 Grantor
DAFXTD31 Comptroller General Ledger Account
DAFXTD40 Grant Category
DAFXTD42 Project Number
DAFXTD47 Grant Number
DAFXTD48 Grant Object
DAFXTD54 NACUBO Function Code
DAFXT020 Appropriation Number
DAFXT026 Program Cost Account
DAFXT027 Project Control
DAFXT28A Transaction Code Decision
DAFXT029 Grant Control Profile Maintenance/Inquiry
DAFXT030 Contract Profile Extract
DAFXT033 Document Control