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Interest Control Reason Codes (ICRC)

AD Agency discretion
AI Automation issues
AP Advance payment
CD Contract date exception
DP Disputed payment
DT Direct travel payment
ER Employee reimbursement
FC Late by federal contract
GE Texas Procurement and Support Services exception
MI Mailing instructions on purchase order not followed
NI No invoice received
RD Returned direct deposit or replacement of warrant by direct deposit
SA State agency

System-Generated ICRCs (Cannot be manually entered by user)

CM Credit memo applied
VH Vendor hold (system generated)
ZI Zero interest (system generated)
98 Late payment interest not generated (system generated)*

* ICRC 98 indicates that the USAS Late Payment Interest Rate (D98) Profile was not established for the fiscal year in which the payment became late. Please immediately contact Expenditure Assistance.