Human Resource Information System (HRIS)

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HRIS Higher Education Reappointment Reporting Starts Soon

Institutions of higher education must report certain information about jobs and reappointments at the beginning of each fiscal year. Submit reappointment information via electronic file transfer (EFT) by:

  • Sept. 5: EFT #1 — Classifications and Carriers
  • Sept. 7: EFT #2 — Reappointments for Fiscal 2019
  • Sept. 14: EFT #3 — Terminations for Fiscal 2018

The HRIS September maintenance deadline is Oct. 7. See HRIS Higher Education Reporting Procedures for Reappointments (FPP M.003) for reappointment details and instructions.

User Group Meeting for Payroll Systems

The multi-system user group meeting is scheduled for July 24 from 10 – 11 a.m. in the Travis Building, Room 1-100.

All system user groups will be combined to include USPS, SPRS, HRIS, CAPPS Central and CAPPS Hub. The primary topic will be emergency leave.

See Payroll Systems User Group Meetings for the meeting agenda, which includes teleconferencing instructions and contact information.


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HRIS 45-Day Calendar

8/7/2018   HRIS Compliance Reports Run
9/5/2018   HRIS Reappointments EFT #1 Classifications/Carriers Due

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