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Holiday Payment Distribution

Note: Please see Payment Services 90-Day Calendar for the warrant pickup schedule.

Warrant Pickup Requirements

Authorized Representatives Only

The Comptroller’s office will release warrants only to authorized state agency or institution of higher education representatives whose signatures appear on the Agency Authorization for Warrant Pickup form (74-189) (login required) PDF.

Note: If you need to deviate on a particular day from your agency’s primary warrant distribution method, contact Payment Services the day before to coordinate. Always verify if Statewide Procurement Division’s Statewide Mail Operations will be picking up warrants per the holiday schedule if that is your distribution method.

Bailment Contract

To pick up payroll warrants before the pay date, your agency must have a Bailment Contract form (74-190) (login required) PDF agreement with the Comptroller’s office.

Runner Requirements

On days the Comptroller’s office is closed but warrant pickup is available, your authorized representative must have photo identification and a cell phone to call (512) 475-5329 upon arrival at the LBJ building if no guard is present.

Wire Transfers

If your agency has warrants for wire transfers on days the Comptroller’s office is closed but warrant pickup is available, your authorized representative needs to deliver them to the State Treasury.

Note: If you need to submit a USAS or TINS batch file on a weekend or holiday, please see the USAS/TINS Input Record File Submission Schedule.

Direct Deposit Settlement Date Reminder

State and federal holidays listed in this Calendar with no scheduled USAS cycle are excluded when determining the direct deposit settlement date of a payment.

Since financial institutions are closed, no direct deposit activity occurs on those days. Agencies must exclude these dates when determining when to process their payments to ensure prompt payment and avoid late payment interest.

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