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HRIS Reports
HRIS Exception File

This file is a condensed version of the personnel and payroll information found in the HRIS Personnel Exception Transaction Listings and the Payroll Exceptions/Pending Transaction Listings (F48BRPTR).

Use this file to monitor personnel and payroll transactions that either processed with exceptions or rejected during HRIS processing, and to easily identify where correcting transactions will need to be resubmitted.

This is the report layout for the comma-delimited file.

PER = Personnel Transactions
PAY= Payroll Entitlement/Deduction Transactions
PMT = Payment Level Transactions
VCH = Voucher Level Transactions

Header Row Data Description/Comments
PROCESS DATE The date the transaction processed in HRIS
AGENCY Agency number
BATCH ID The batch identification number
REC ID Displays the identification number associated with each record type:
  • 27 through 76 – transaction exception (PER)
  • 81 – voucher level exception (VCH)
  • 83 – payment level exception (PMT)
  • 85 and 87 – transaction exception (PAY)
VOUCHER The payroll voucher number (PAY, PMT and VCH)
SSN Employee Social Security number
JOB NO Job Number (PER only where applicable)
CODE Reason Code (PER) or Deduction Code/Entitlement Code (PAY) or Local Fund (VCH)
EFF/PP/PAY DT Effective Date of the transaction (PER) or Pay Period Effective Date of the payment detail (PAY) or Pay Date of the payment (PMT)
REV IND Reversal Indicator (PER) or Payment Transaction type in payment detail (PAY) or Payroll Type (PMT)
ORIG INFO Previous Social Security number in an SSN change transaction (PER) or Original Voucher Number (PMT)
ERROR Four digit Error Code
  • 1000 through 3999 – Fatal Messages
  • 7000 through 7999 – Warning Messages
  • 9000 through 9999 – Informational Messages
MESSAGE Description associated with the reported Error Code
JOB START Effective start date of a job/appointment (PER only)
JOB END Effective end date of a job/appointment (PER only)
FY Fiscal Year (PAY, PMT and VCH)
LINE NO A unique number assigned to employee information within a voucher to facilitate reconciliation at the employee level (PMT and PAY)
PAY NO A unique number assigned to payment information within a voucher to facilitate reconciliation at the payment level (PMT and PAY)
SEQUENCE Three-digit number that differentiates multiple occurrences of the same Payroll Entitlement/Deduction Code (PAY)
PCA Program Cost Account on the entitlement record (PAY)
COBJ Comptroller Object Code on the entitlement record (PAY)

Retrieval and Distribution

Note: You must have security access for files starting with PROD.F48.AGYxxx (where xxx = Agency Number) to access these reports. To request access, contact your agency security coordinator.

Technical Staff ‘Get’ Option

Technical staff at your agency can ‘get’ the .CSV report files from the Comptroller mainframe server using the free version of BlueZone available from the Comptroller’s office (login required) or secure file transfer protocol (SFTP).

Technical staff should save the report files to an in-house server/PC accessible to the end user. Preserve the .CSV extension when you ‘get’ files to transfer to the agency server. It is the responsibility of your agency to distribute the report files to the appropriate agency staff.

End User ‘Get’ Option

The end user at your agency with appropriate security can also directly ‘get’ the report files from the Comptroller server using SFTP. They would use the Bluezone Procedures to Access HRIS Exception File via SFTP (Comptroller user ID required) for instructions.