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ACR 60582 – New Military Preference Codes Related to Employment Preference for Members of the Military and Their Spouses

Effective Sept. 1, 2023


Application Change Request (ACR) 60582 modified the Human Resource Information System (HRIS) to create two new military preference codes related to Senate Bill 1376, effective Sept. 1, 2023.

Note: ACR 60583 will change the Veteran Workforce Summary Report to the Military Workforce Summary Report and add the two new preference codes.


Senate Bill 1376 changed veteran preference to military preference in Government Code 656.027. It also created two new categories of military preference in Government Code 657.002 for:

Two new military preference codes were added to HRIS. These preference codes are effective Sept. 1, 2023.



The VETERAN-IND (veteran indicator) field on the Record ID 27 and Employee Descriptive Information screen HEED were modified to accept the new preference codes.

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