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TINS Codes
Quick Reference for TINS Screens

Payee Information Screens

T-Code Screen Instructions Command Line
PAYNAM Payee Name Search PAYNAM
PYADDR Payee Mail Code Information PYADDR.10-digit TIN
PYMAST Payee Master Record Information PYMAST.10-digit TIN
PMTHIS Payee Maintenance History PMTHIS.10-digit TIN
MTSUMM Multi-Tax Summary MTSUMM.10-digit TIN
PMSTUP Payee Master Level Set-Up PMSTUP.11-digit TIN
PMCTUP Payee Mail Code Set-Up PMCTUP.11-digit TIN
PCHGMS Payee Master Level Changes PCHGMS.11-digit TIN
PCHGMC Payee Mail Code Changes PCHGMC.11-digit TIN

Payment Information Screens

T-Code Screen Instructions Command Line
PVOUIN Payee Voucher History PVOUIN.10-digit TIN
PYWRNT Payee Payment Information PYWRNT.10-digit TIN
PFYWRT Prior Fiscal Year Payment Information PFYWRT.11-digit TIN.FY
PAYVEN Vendor Payment Information Menu PAYVEN.10-digit TIN

Direct Deposit Screens

T-Code Screen Instructions Command Line
PYDIST Payee Distribution – Direct Deposit PYDIST.10-digit TIN
PDDSUP Payee Direct Deposit Set-Up PDDSUP.11-digit TIN
PDDCHG Payee Direct Deposit Changes PDDCHG.11-digit TIN
PDDCAN Payee Direct Deposit Cancellation PDDCAN.11-digit TIN
BANKIN Financial Institution Information BANKIN.9-digit Routing Number

Warrant Hold Screens

T-Code Screen Instructions Command Line
PYHOLD Payee Hold Information PYHOLD.10-digit TIN
PHDSUP Payee Hold Set-Up PHDSUP.11-digit TIN
PHDCHG Payee Hold Changes PHDCHG.11-digit TIN
PHDREL Payee Hold Release PHDREL.11-digit TIN
RSNINQ Agency Hold Reason Inquiry RSNINQ.Agency No.Reason Code
PYWTHB Payee Warrants on Hold and Released PYWTHB.10-digit TIN
PYWTHD Payee Held Warrants PYWTHD.10-digit TIN
PYWTHR Payee Released Warrants PYWTHR.10-digit TIN

Bankruptcy Screen

T-Code Screen Instructions Command Line
BKRUPD TINS Bankruptcy File BKRUPD.10-digit TIN

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