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Direct Deposit Processing
NOC Reason Codes

Notifications of Change (NOCs) are automated messages that financial institutions send through the ACH network to notify the Comptroller’s office of changes to the payee’s direct deposit (DD) instructions.

Except for Report Only responses, TINS automatically updates the payee record based on the NOC code.

When direct deposit information is updated or canceled due to an NOC, the Payee Maintenance History (PMTHIS) screen will include a history record that displays the NOC reason code.

Reason Code* Description TINS Response
C01 Incorrect Account Number Change Account Number
C02 Incorrect Transit/Routing Number Change Routing Number
C03 Incorrect Routing and Account Number Change Account/Routing Number
C05 Incorrect Transaction Code (Checking/Savings) Change Account Type (22 or 32)
C07 Incorrect Routing Number, Account Number and Transaction Code Change Acct/Rout/Type Numbers
R01 Insufficient Funds Report Only
R02 Account Closed Delete DD Instructions
R03 No Account/Unable to Locate Account Delete DD Instructions
R04 Invalid Account Number Delete DD Instructions
R06 Returned by ODFI’s Request Report Only
R07 Authorization Revoked by Customer Delete DD Instructions
R10 Customer Advises Not Authorized Delete DD Instructions
R12 Branch Sold to Another Depository Financial Institution Delete DD Instructions
R14/R15 Account Holder Deceased Delete DD Instructions
R16 Account Frozen/Entry Returned per OFAC Instruction Delete DD Instructions
R17 File Record Edit Criteria or Questionable Report Only
See ACR 60382
R20 Non Transaction Account Delete DD Instructions
*C = Change codes / R = Return codes