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Direct Deposit Processing
Direct Deposit Checklist

Form Requirements

Always review the direct deposit form to ensure it is complete and includes:

  • An answer to the international ACH transaction (IAT) question, with the completed ACH Payment Destination Confirmation form if the payee marks YES, or if your research before issuing direct deposit payments reveals a Y in the IAT IND field.
  • Legible payee identification and financial institution information.
  • An authorized signature.

If information is missing or illegible, never guess; contact the payee to verify.

Questions to Ask

For additional information, see Research Checklist for Payee Setups and Research Checklist for Payee Changes.

Verify Transaction Entry

The Comptroller’s office strongly recommends that agencies verify their direct deposit setups, changes and cancellations on the PYDIST screen and/or the agency’s daily and monthly Direct Deposit Reports.