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Direct Deposit Payments Made in Error
Payroll Reversals

Payroll reversals include:

  • Supplemental payrolls (non-bi-monthly, non-monthly)
  • Bi-monthly payrolls
  • Monthly payrolls

Funds received for payroll reversals are deposited into the paying agency’s Fund 9014 in USAS.

The settlement dates for payroll payments are as follows:

Supplemental Payroll Reversal Deadline

The reversal deadline for a supplemental payroll is the same as for a vendor and travel reversal request. See the EXAMPLE in Vendor/Travel Reversals.

Timeline for Bi-monthly / Monthly Payroll Reversal Requests

Reversal requests may be submitted:

Deadlines for reversal requests:

EXAMPLE: This example applies to a reversal request for a monthly payroll payment.

  • A monthly payroll payment was generated on Thursday, Jan. 24, to the wrong payee. The Settlement Date (ISSUE DATE) of the payment is payday, Feb. 1.
  • The payment may be canceled in the appropriate payroll system beginning Friday, Jan. 25, through Monday, Jan. 28.
  • If the payment is not canceled, it is transmitted to the ACH network on Tuesday, Jan. 29. This is the first day a reversal request may be submitted for this payment.
  • The last day to submit a reversal request is Thursday, Feb. 7, four (4) banking days after the Settlement Date (ISSUE DATE) of the payment.
  • A reversal request received on the last available date of Feb. 7 is transmitted on Friday, Feb. 8, which is five (5) banking days after the Feb. 1 Settlement Date of the payment, as required by NACHA.

Example Jan. / Feb. 2019 Calendar—Monthly Payroll

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday

Last day to cancel payment in USPS or SPRS/CAPPS

Transmit Payment



PAYDAY Settlement Date







Day 5 from Settlement Date to Transmit Reversal
  Reversal Request Period