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SPA Process User’s Guide – Chapter 5 – Updating Property and Funds

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Updating Debt Financed Property

The Update Debt Financed (PAMSTR) screen allows agencies to update debt financed information on property that has an acquisition method of 08.

Fields that can be updated include:


  1. Access the Update Debt Financed (PAMSTR) screen on the Main Menu.
  2. Enter any required changes in the DEBT FINANCE METHOD, SERIES/LEASE SUPPLEMENT NO and FINANCE TERM fields by typing over the existing information.

    Note: DO NOT change the DEBT FINANCE METHOD when the PAID OFF field value is Y.

  3. Change the amount in the AMOUNT FINANCED field if necessary.
  4. Change the insured value in the INSURED VALUE field if necessary.
  5. Change the paid off indicator in the PAID OFF field. Valid values are Y (yes) or N (no).
  6. Enter date that the property was paid off in the PAID OFF EFFECTIVE DATE field.
  7. Press Enter. The message Record Updated appears.