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Note: To navigate this guide on a mobile device you must use the Table of Contents.

Payee Inquiry Screens
Prior Fiscal Year Payment Information (PFYWRT)

The PFYWRT screen displays summary payment information for the second and third fiscal years prior to the current and first prior fiscal years. The same information displayed on PYWRNT is displayed on PFYWRT. Payments are displayed in payment issue date order with the most recent date first. Each agency can view only the payments it issues to the TIN.

PFYWRT automatically calculates the check digit for a TIN.


Access PFYWRT through the TINS Inquiry Menu (INQMEN) screen or Line 1 Entry.


  1. Follow the instructions for the INQMEN Menu

    Note: FY is a required field in addition to the TIN. Enter the last two digits of the fiscal year for the fiscal year you wish to search.


    Enter PFYWRT.(10- or 11-digit TIN).YY on Line 1 along with the options for the search desired:

    Note: Replace YY with the last two digits of the fiscal year for the fiscal year you wish to search.

    If the TIN is… Then enter… Notes
    • 1 + nine-digit EIN

      – or –

    • 1 + nine-digit EIN + check digit
    TINS calculates the check digit when a 10-digit TIN is entered.
    Comptroller-assigned 11-digit TIN that begins with 3  
    A 7 TIN for payees who provide an SSN or ITIN
    • 11-digit TIN that begins with 7

      – or –

    • 2 + nine-digit SSN or ITIN

      – or –

    • 2 + nine-digit SSN or ITIN + check digit

    When entering a 2-based TIN that is on file, the inquiry results display the assigned 11-digit 7 TIN.
  2. MAILCODE (Optional): If desired, enter the three-digit mail code:
    • In the optional field on INQMEN Menu


    • PFYWRT.(10- or 11-digit TIN).(YY).(three-digit mail code) and press Enter.
    If the mail code is… Then TINS displays…
    Not entered, All payments for the TIN
    Entered, Only the payments for the specified mail code

    Note: The mail code paid will display in the MC PAID column whether the line 1 entry includes only the TIN or both the TIN with a specific mail code.

    If payments have not been issued to the TIN or mail code payments during the fiscal year requested, TINS displays the message No Payment Detail Information Exists.

  3. If current and first prior fiscal years are needed: Payee payment information is available for a total of four fiscal years — the current fiscal year and the first, second and third fiscal years prior to the current fiscal year. To view payment information for the current and first prior fiscal years, use the Payee Payment Information (PYWRNT) screen.
  4. If researching payroll payments: Payroll payments are processed during the month prior to the issue date of the payment and display with the payment issue date.

    To obtain the date a payroll document processed, access the Payee Voucher History (PVOUIN) screen using the payee’s TIN and cross-reference the Document Number displayed on PFYWRT.

  5. Use the Direction Message Keys to navigate through the screen information.

Screen Example

PFYWRT.7XXXXXXXXXX.YY                                               MM/DD/YY 
                           PRIOR FY PAYMENT INFORMATION                         
   PAYEE NAME: PAYEE NAME                                            
  PAYMENT   DOCUMENT  ISSUE    AGCY   MC        PMNT            PAYMENT         
  NUMBER    NUMBER     DATE     NO.  PAID   FY  DIST  CAT       AMOUNT          
 ---------  --------  --------  ---  -----  --  ----  ---  ------------------   
 XXXXXXXXX  XXXXXXXX  MM/DD/YY  XXX   001   14   RA    2             1,900.00   
 XXXXXXXXX  XXXXXXXX  MM/DD/YY  XXX   000   14   RA    2                15.00   
 XXXXXXX    XXXXXXXX  MM/DD/YY  XXX   PR1   14   DD    2                36.00   

Screen Field Descriptions

Displays the 11-digit TIN.

Displays the Comptroller’s 11-digit taxpayer number assigned for reporting of state taxes. This field is blank if the payee has not been assigned a taxpayer number.

The use of the Taxpayer Number is restricted to the Comptroller’s office. See ‘System-generated Random Number’ under Comptroller-assigned Payee Numbers.

Displays the specific mail code used for a payment if the mail code was entered in INQMEN or Line 1 entry or displays all mail codes if no mail code was entered

Displays the type of payment distribution per payment.

Distribution Type Description
Return to Agency Warrants are returned to paying agency for distribution to the payees.
Return - Hold Warrants are held at the Comptroller’s office due to state debts.
Direct Deposit Payments are distributed via direct deposit.
Direct Deposit on Hold Direct deposit instructions are suspended, and warrants are generated and held at the Comptroller’s office.

Displays the message On Hold if the TIN is on hold. The field is blank if the TIN is not on hold.

Displays the name of the payee, based on a default or selected mail code. A mail code with maximum security of Level 2 displays the payee name only to the securing source agency. All other agencies see the message Secured Mail Code.

Displays the Comptroller-assigned, nine-digit warrant number if the payment was a warrant or the seven-digit direct deposit payment number if the payment was a direct deposit.

Displays the document number assigned by the paying agency. This field is blank if the payment applies to multiple documents.

The following criteria apply for transactions processed on a reimbursement document, which requires a pair of Uniform Statewide Accounting System (USAS) T-codes — one T-code to post charges to a TIN/mail code and one T-code for the TIN/mail code receiving the payment.

  • Reimbursement DOCUMENT NUMBER:
    • Displays only for the TIN/mail code that received the payment
    • Does not display for the TIN/mail code that received the charges
  • Cancellation DOCUMENT NUMBER, prefixed with a C for payments issued on a reimbursement document:
    • Displays only for the TIN/mail code that received the payment
    • Does not display for the TIN/mail code that received the charges

Displays the payment issue date (MM/DD/YY).

Displays the three-digit number that identifies the agency that issued the payment.

Displays the mail code paid for each individual warrant and direct deposit payment.

Displays the two-digit fiscal year in which the payment was issued.

Displays a two-character code for a payment.

  • RA: Return to Agency
  • RH: Return Hold
  • DD: Direct Deposit
  • DH: Direct Deposit on Hold

Displays a one-digit category code for a payment.

  • 1: Payroll/Annuity (Confidential payment)
  • 2: Bill (Vendor) or Employee Travel

Note: A PAYVEN inquiry will indicate if a payment is confidential.

Displays the amount of each payment.

Note: If the payment is for payroll or annuity, the amount displays for only authorized users within each agency.

Displays page direction and program function keys.