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Warrant Policies
Outstanding (Unpaid) Warrants

The warrant number of a warrant that is outstanding (not yet paid, canceled or other status) is confidential according to Texas Government Code, Section 404.058. State agencies must not distribute copies of their Outstanding Warrants Control Report (DAFR8171), to unauthorized individuals or entities.

Payees, financial institutions and check-cashing establishments may contact the Comptroller’s Warrant Status Inquiry System [a Voice Response System (IVR)] at (512) 463-5961 to verify if a warrant is outstanding and available for payment. The IVR phone number can be found below the endorsement line on the back of each warrant that is printed by the Comptroller’s office.

The IVR system can be used to verify the status of all state warrants, whether warrants are issued by the Comptroller’s office and, as authorized by statute, warrants delegated for printing by the Texas Workforce Commission and Texas Health & Human Services Commission.

Some financial institutions and check-cashing establishments, at their discretion, may refuse to cash a state warrant. Only the Comptroller’s Treasury Operations Division is required to cash warrants. If payees choose to cash their warrants at the Treasury Operations teller window, see Warrant Cashing Policies for the Treasury’s location, telephone number, hours of operation and required documentation when cashing a warrant that is payable to:

  • A single individual or multiple individuals
  • A business
  • The executor(s) of an estate