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TexPayment Resource

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Payee Change Request

From Payees to the Paying Agency

Payees submit the Payee Change Request form (74-157) (login required) PDF to the paying agency to request updates to their information in TINS, such as:

  • Payee name
  • Ownership type
  • Mailing address
  • Telephone number

To change direct deposit account information, the Direct Deposit Authorization form (74-176) (login required) PDF is required as covered in the Direct Deposit tab.

Note: See Fraud Prevention Recommendations for best practices.

From Agencies to Payment Services

Agencies do not have to ability to perform some actions in TINS. Submit a Payee Change Request form (74-157) (login required) PDF to Payment Services to request:

  • Address overrides

    The address the agency verifies as correct for an existing mail code is not recognized by TINS.

    Note: For an address override for the primary mail code for a new payee or a new mail code for an existing payee, see Application for Texas Identification Number. See also Address Validation Tips.

  • Number changes/merges

    The TIN was entered incorrectly and needs to be changed to the correct TIN or merged with the existing correct TIN.

    Note: Payment Services follows the Fraud Prevention Recommendations for documentation to accept from payees as proof of their identification numbers.

  • Mail code security level 2

    Due to the confidentiality of a payee”s mail code information, request that only the securing agency can view or make changes to the mail code.

  • Activation or inactivation of a TIN or mail code when online/batch system edits prevent an agency from doing so

    See ACR 60094.

  • Indicator for Hold Bypass for certain payments (See ACR 31166):
    • Tax levy by the IRS
    • Federal bankruptcy