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TexPayment Resource

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Application for Texas Identification Number

From Payees to the Paying Agency

State agencies may choose to use the Application for Texas Identification Number form (AP-152) (login required) PDF as part of the setup process. This recommended form gathers all of the necessary information for a payee setup, but it is not required. Agencies may use their own internal forms.

New payees can submit this form to be assigned a TIN. For a helpful overview, please see Texas Identification Number in State Payee Payment Resources.

Note: See Fraud Prevention Recommendations for documentation to accept from payees as proof of their identification numbers.

From Agencies to Payment Services

Agencies submit this form to request a Code 1 address override to set up:

  • The primary mail code for a new payee
  • A new mail code for an existing payee

Please see Address Validation Tips.

Note: For an address override for an existing mail code, see Payee Change Request.